Xtreme Drift 2 MOD APK 2.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Nitro, Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/10/2023
Xtreme Drift 2 MOD APK 2.3 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Nitro, Diamonds)
Name Xtreme Drift 2
Version v2.3
Size 51MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Nitro, Diamonds
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Xtreme Games Studio


Racing games have never been so hot. Because of the fierceness and charisma in the competitive phase with the opponent. Xtreme Drift 2 MOD APK is one of them, it brings people slightly to the feeling of high speed. This is also an opportunity to enjoy unique racing cars. Immerse yourself in the thrill of the fast track. Compete with other professional racers in multiple game modes. Explore even great racing locations. Highly realistic day and night environments are reproduced here. Graphics are also clearly shown. Adding more realism to the fierce races. With an intuitive interface, it can be easily used on the go. From then on, defeating the opponent was only a matter of time.

Download Xtreme Drift 2 Mod – Speed ​​Race To Become Champion

The matches in game Xtreme Drift 2 take place in real-time. Play as a racer, and control your car to participate in the arena. The goal is to win all the tournaments to become the champion. In each race, the competition between you and your opponent is very fierce. There may be a collision between vehicles. The goal, get to the finish line in the shortest time possible. Be the first to take the No. 1 title in every tournament. Must use many different skills, after winning there will be a chance to receive valuable rewards. The amount received corresponds to the achievement achieved in the race. Start a new race to continue to compete with racers around the world. Prove to be a professional athlete to fulfill a long-cherished dream.

Xtreme Drift 2 Mod

Rich mode

Bringing exciting races, unmatched in other games. Xtreme Drift 2 Mod provides you with 4 game modes. Includes drift, multiplayer, freestyle, and racing modes. When participating, it is necessary to comply with each mode’s requirements. Because they all have their own distinctive features. As the drift mode requires Drift skills to overcome sharp turns. Free mode allows you to drive on the road to enjoy the beautiful life from inside the car. Racing mode opens up exciting events. You can become a cop chasing robbers. Prevent their criminal actions. Or become a criminal, drive away from police pursuit. Do not let them catch you, from there will complete the mission. Finally, the multiplayer mode. You will compete with other online racers in PvP matches.

Xtreme Drift 2 Mod

Driving skills

It doesn’t matter which mode you join in game Xtreme Drift 2. They all require your driving skills. It is necessary to combine many different factors to compete with other professional racers. Observe the road ahead, and combine the miniature map. From there know the next direction to drive properly. In addition, a racer’s ability is not to increase speed in a straight line. Instead, there are narrow and dangerous corners. This is the best position to overcome the opponent. It is also possible to use Nitro in the race. When used, it helps racing cars quickly reach top speed. However, Nitro can only be used for a limited time. Once used up, it will take a cooldown or can perform Drift phases to recover faster.

Game Xtreme Drift 2 Mod

Diverse vehicle system

Coming to Xtreme Drift 2 Mod you will enjoy an extremely exciting driving experience. With extremely versatile cars. From classic to modern including more than 30 unique vehicles. There are a number of types such as trucks, cars, supercars, sports cars, etc. Each type of vehicle has an impressive design. With a very realistic design style. Because they are all inspired by real-life models. The capacity of each vehicle is indicated by parameters. Including top speed, acceleration time, control, and braking. Own a favorite racing car. You have to go through a process and collect bonuses from previous races.

download Xtreme Drift 2 Mod

Once you have a favorite racing car in Xtreme Drift 2 Mod. Players can customize and upgrade it to their own style. Matches exterior paint colors. Car glass color with transparency or translucent. You can add stickers to make your racing car stand out and be different. In addition, the height of the frame and the camber of the wheels can be adjusted. The game even allows customizing the type of exhaust. There are other ways to update and change the look. From there, create a car of its own.

HOT feature of Xtreme Drift 2

  • Players can play in the city and experience day and night
  • 10 different songs for players to discover
  • The game offers 4 different modes including drift, freestyle, racing and multiplayer
  • Car simulation game in every aspect full of reality
  • More than 30 powerful and unique drift cars
  • Players can paint and exclusive rims to customize the car
  • 40 realistic engine sounds
  • Players can turbocharger, gear box, tire sound
  • Realistic 3D graphic design.
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