Download Zoldout Mod APK 00.17.07 (Menu, Immortal, One hit, UNLIMITED SP) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 27/12/2023
Zoldout Mod APK 00.17.07 (Menu, Immortal, One hit, UNLIMITED SP)
Name Zoldout
Version v00.17.07
Size 272MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, One hit, UNLIMITED SP
Support Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers C4Cat Entertainment Limited


A strategy game is storming the current market. The name Zoldout Mod opens an endless journey for players to explore. Here, you are immersed in a fantasy world. Transform into a hero fighting to protect the world from the forces of darkness. With gameplay that combines elements of strategy and cards, the game has brought extremely fierce battles. Call on heroes to join the team, and lead them to fight the enemy. Each open war requires creativity and many elements to go with it. That is reflected in character control, selection, and combination with cards. Besides, the upgrade also greatly affects the strength in the battles.

Download Zoldout Mod – Join Fantasy Role-Playing Battles to Save the World

With extremely new gameplay, since its launch, Zoldout Mod has received support from many players. Here, you are transformed into an important character in the city of Inrumus. It is a great city of peace and prosperity. But now has been attacked by dark monsters from outer space. They plot to destroy the city and make it their own. The fate of humanity is in your hands. As a boss of a weapon shop. Your task is to gather heroes with great power. Equip them with the most modern weapons to drive away evil, bringing an inherently peaceful world. This is an endless journey, requiring players to have perseverance and creativity in battles.Zoldout Mod

Join card battles

The battles of Zoldout Mod open a series of tasks from difficult to easy for players to experience. Each battle is a turn-based game combining cards. Each match takes place you will need to gather a certain number of cards to participate in the battle with the enemy. The goal of each round is to kill all enemies to get rewards and unlock new challenges. In each fight, you have control over all the cards in your turn. Here, there are two types of cards to note: weapons and heroes. Each card type has its own unique power. Combine them together to create great power.Zoldout Mod

Hero cards appear on the battlefield of Zoldout Mod. You can selectively tap each hero and apply options. Based on that, you have the option of attacking, moving, or recovering hp. The decision depends on your strategy to create victory. Choose champion cards and combine them with modern weapons to attack the appropriate target. In particular, there is no limit to battles. This makes navigation and strategy implementation freer and more creative.

Unlock to upgrade the hero group

Zoldout Mod brings a large number of cards including heroes and weapons. Each hero has its own profile with different attributes. Hero’s strength is determined by attributes such as damage, hp, defense, speed, etc. You can upgrade these attributes to improve the strength of your heroes. In addition, the enemy system is equally diverse. Each monster has its own appearance and abilities. The diversity of the character system will create many different strategies.Zoldout Mod game

Along with that, there are hundreds of different cards for Zoldout Mod’s weapons. You will find the most popular cards like swords, knives, bows, and wands,… Weapons determine the hero’s fighting style. When using the bow card, you turn the hero into an archer. When you use the sword card, the hero fights like a swordsman. In addition to weapons, the game has other interesting elements. These items are mainly used to upgrade the map.

Impressive anime design

Zoldout Mod has a bold visual style from the land of cherry blossoms. It’s a 3D anime style mixed with casual 2D visuals. The avatar of the character is designed in 2D. Your game model will then have a realistic and detailed 3D appearance on the battlefield. Each hero has its own appearance and skill effects. You will feel the grandeur of each skill through cinematic footage. Vivid sound effects also add to the appeal of the Zoldout Mod

More than just strategy and action wars. Zoldout Mod is also built with a well-organized story. Chapters will gradually be unlocked as you level up. So there is a chance to discover new characters, new enemies, and many never-before-seen details. Many new character routes add variety to your card system. The new details will also bring new contexts to expand the fantasy world. The further you go, the more interesting things are waiting for you.

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