Zombie Catchers MOD 1.36.7 (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Full Plutonium, Max Level, Unlocked Equipment, Extras)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/04/2024
Zombie Catchers MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Ammo, Full Plutonium, Max Level, Unlocked Equipment, Extras)
Name Zombie Catchers
Version v1.36.7
Size 86MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Ammo, Full Plutonium, Max Level, Unlocked All Weapons. Equipment
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Deca Games


Zombie Catchers MOD APK is an extremely interesting action adventure game from publisher Deca Games. Set in a world that has been infected with an epidemic and is surrounded by zombies and living corpses everywhere. You will receive the task of catching zombies from two bosses, A.J and Bud, to receive rewards. These two intergalactic traders have come to earth to hunt zombies. This is a lucrative business for them, because people on other planets love processed zombie foods. In the game, your mission is to hunt and chase zombies and undead. With the unique weapons and equipment that A.J and Bud brought from another planet. Now pick up your guns and join these unique hunts.

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To receive a lot of bonuses, you must catch a lot of zombies in the game Zombie Catchers. It’s not too difficult because the two bosses, A.J and Bud, will provide you with a diverse arsenal of tools. There are many types of traps, nets, guns and ammunition for you to choose from. But you also have to be careful, because zombies run very fast and they even attack you. With specialized weapons in hand, wipe out zombies to bring peace to the earth. Create terror for zombies, capture zombies even when they hide in underground caves. Catch as many zombies as possible and bring them to the two bosses in exchange for bonuses.

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Huge collection of weapons and equipment

Zombie Catchers Mod will have many unique weapons for your zombie hunting. They are of alien origin and were brought to earth by A.J and Bud. First, these two tycoons will provide you with transportation. They are quite similar to spacecraft in space, helping you quickly reach areas where zombies are detected. Some also help you dive deep into the ocean or go into caves to find living creatures.

Next is your weapon, the most basic one is the harpoon gun called “Harpoon”. Harpoon Model 1 is free for new players. To own the more powerful “Harpoon Model 2” harpoon gun, you need to reach level 15 and spend 800 Plutonium. Harpoon Model 3 is the most powerful spear launcher, but requires you to reach level 47. Besides, there are other guns such as NET GUN, TRANQUILIZER, TESLA GUN, FREEZER GUN.

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Catching zombies requires strategy

To catch zombies in the game Zombie Catchers also requires intelligence. Specifically, they hide underground, and you need to release “brains” as bait. But if you stand right near the location of the “brain”, they will smell you. And they are very smart so they won’t let you catch them. You have to run away to hide, or crawl into a nearby tree. Zombies will emerge if they feel there is no danger around. Of course, you have to be very focused, so that when they poke their heads out of the ground, you’re ready to rush right away. Otherwise, they will run away very quickly to escape.

These zombies are also very smart, because some of them even carry wooden crates as cover. Some carried surfboards to protect themselves from bullets. Requires you to shoot the spear gun at the target 2 to 3 times. To be able to break wooden crates or shields that these zombies possess.

Game Zombie Catchers MOD

The game is easy to play, easy to control

The controls for hunting zombies in Zombie Catchers Mod are quite simple. Basically, the control buttons go left and right. Jump button so you can jump onto obstacles such as mounds or large tree stumps. The button to release the zombie decoy has a “brain” shape, and finally the button to fire the gun, shooting out the net. Simply press the button to release the bait and run away to wait. When zombies appear, run to that location and press the javelin button. Unlike many other zombie titles, there is no need to fight zombies. In this game, you do not encounter any threats. Because the zombies will immediately run away quickly when they see you.

It’s very simple, isn’t it, you just need to hit the target. The rest was supported by teammates above the spacecraft flying in the air. This flying spaceship is responsible for recovering zombies that have been hit by you. When the arrows hit a zombie, it also automatically activates a bubble. The ball will fly into the air a certain distance and drag the captured zombie with it. The flying spacecraft will follow the position of the pink balloon and drop its hook. To pull the zombie up and lock it in an iron cage on the plane.

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Many maps and challenges to explore

Zombie Catchers game has many different terrains for you to find and catch zombies. Swamp, Beach, Snow, ChinaTown, Lagoon… are the names of the places where there will be the most zombies. But you can’t discover it all at once. Which you will have to hunt zombies in each place according to your current level. Swamp is the first location where you can make your journey. There will be nothing difficult here, the next locations at higher levels will be a bit more difficult. There will also be more zombies and more difficult missions.

The game has a zombie theme but has a new gameplay. Download the game and experience it because I believe you will love Zombie Catchers Mod right away. Hunt down as many of these zombies as possible and make them into drinks. Sell to customers all over the galaxy, and you’ll quickly become rich. Especially the feature of unlimited money and full plutonium. You will easily own the most powerful specialized weapons even if you have not reached a level. Because your level is not enough but you have more than enough money, if you have money you can buy everything… 😛

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