Zombie Combat Simulator Mod 1.5.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo. Level, One Hit, Immortal, ESP)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/02/2024
Zombie Combat Simulator Mod 1.5.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo. Level, One Hit, Immortal, ESP)
Name Zombie Combat Simulator
Version v1.5.4
Size 54MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Ammo Level, One Hit, Immortal, ESP
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Airblade Studio


Are you looking for a novel shooting game? Try now Zombie Combat Simulator Mod. This is a highly-rated survival game thanks to its diverse mode system and realistic 3D graphics. In the game, your mission is to defeat all zombies so that you can survive and restore human civilization. But in each mode, the way of fighting will be different. Requires players to constantly practice mastering the modes to be able to win easily. You can build your own story. To experience survival with what you like. Or you can team up with friends to play together. Do you want to learn more about this game? Do not hesitate to read the entire article. I will summarize the most important things in the simplest way. So that you can understand more about this new shooting game.

Download Zombie Combat Simulator Mod – The best survival shooting game on mobile phones

The post-apocalyptic, zombie theme is always a hot and attractive download for game makers. Because it has a great attraction to the gaming community. Therefore, the publisher Airblade Studio has released the game Zombie Combat Simulator Mod. It will be a choice not to be missed if you are a survival lover. In addition, this game also gives players a new feeling about the shooting genre. You will find completely new features not found in other popular games.

Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

Instead of focusing on a large open world like PUBG Mobile. This game offers Sandbox mode. Where you can craft anything on the map that you want. And of course, there is no shortage of Online and Offline modes. So if you are looking for a shooting game. Try playing this game and start exploring, experiencing the feeling of survival.

Attractive variety of game modes

Coming to Zombie Combat Simulator Mod, players will experience 2 main game modes that are most loved by many people.

Sandbox Mode: A unique and fun mode to practice your survival skills. Here you have to kill the zombies to win. The frequency of the appearance of zombies will be more and stronger after each level. Start getting acquainted with some zombies to practice skills. Then move on to more intense survival battles with more zombies.

Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

Multiplayer mode: The game also has an online mode so you can cooperate with other players. It’s fun to try team combat. And of course, the number of enemies will also increase as the number of players increases. So even when playing as a team, you need to have a proper strategy to win. At the same time, you can cooperate with allies to support combat or defense. Plan attacks or barricades to protect allies from waves of aggressive zombies.

Weapon system equipped

In Zombie Combat Simulator Mod to be able to survive, you cannot lack weapons and equipment. The game has a very diverse weapon system. Let you freely use weapons such as submachine guns, pistols, rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles… You can also equip your characters with hats, armor, and backpacks. .. At the same time, you can control the character to drive vehicles to move around. The main types of vehicles include cars, police cars, and trucks,… But the vehicle control mechanism is quite limited and not very optimized.

Game Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

Therefore, the driving function is rarely used in this game. However, the map system is very diverse and includes many different types of battlefield terrain. In particular, you can join the battle in areas of the city where there are more zombies. Or plains, deserts, jungles,… Take advantage of the terrain to move offensively and defensively.

Graphics system

Zombie Combat Simulator Mod is designed on 3D graphics. Delivers realistic and vivid images. The game setting has been carefully refined to emphasize the unique battlefields. Zombie images are equally diverse. Includes many scary looks along with many types of zombies attacking at close or long range. The combat effects from a third-person perspective are quite impressive. Bringing a feeling of excitement right on the mobile phone The movement of the characters is also very fluid and smooth. Background music and gunfire in the games are also great by the publisher.

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