Zombie Crash Racing MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited money, No ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/09/2023
Zombie Crash Racing MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited money, No ads)
Name Zombie Crash Racing
Version v1.3.8
Size 78MB
MOD Features Unlimited money, No ads
Support Android 5.1
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers HeroCraft Ltd.


Zombie Crash Racing MOD APK is a racing game designed with extremely unique gameplay. Created and developed by HeroCraft Ltd team. In the post-apocalyptic world, humans have almost been eradicated. The world now has a lot of weird monsters like zombies. Willing to eat any living creature when encountered. There is only one way to survive. It’s standing to fight, but with the game, players will have their own armored vehicles. All have been improved, equipped with weapons around. Requires moving quickly and skillfully on the roads. Aim to roll, stab, and destroy all the zombies that appear on the road. Don’t let anyone go, life is guaranteed. Try to complete the mission and score a high score.

Download Zombie Crash Racing Mod – Become a Driver in a Post-Apocalyptic World Full of Zombies

You have tried many different racing games but none of them satisfy you. Then do not ignore Zombie Crash Racing hack. Unlike most games of the same genre. Designed for racers to compete against each other. See who is faster to reach the finish line. The game brings players into dangerous races. When every sign is challenging, obstacles are scattered everywhere. Moreover, they have to be prevented by zombie creatures, horror zombies. Go alone or in groups stretching all over the road. Requires the player to always keep the speed at a steady state no matter what obstacles are encountered. Avoid going slow, it is difficult to drive through the crates and obstacles, as well as kill zombies. Once they gather to attack, the consequences will be very unpredictable.

Download Zombie Crash Racing Mod

Desolate Scenery

Game Zombie Crash Racing was built in the context of the world going through the process of destruction. Because the attack of the undead appeared out of nowhere. Humans were almost killed, and if they were still alive, they would only hide and hide. Avoid the pursuit of zombies, the current dominant creature. Everything used to be prosperous and peaceful. Now every scene is so desolated. A game designed with many different images. Smoke filled the sky. Houses and buildings were badly damaged. Everywhere there is destruction, and the city is bleak. Meanwhile, there are no people to rebuild and repair. All have an indescribable dark color after the apocalypse.

Tải Zombie Crash Racing Mod

Many Massive Vehicles

Zombie Crash Racing Mod has a very unique gameplay. Quite similar to Hill Climb Racing 2 in off-road driving gameplay. But this game has more dramatic action elements and is more attractive. Drive to crash kill all zombies on the move, within the allowed capacity. So you can’t use bonus cars as a vehicle when the player’s life is completely dependent on it. There should be separate types to ensure speed and endurance in impact. So developers go their own way. Design the game with many different special vehicles, players can choose and use. You can look at it, it looks ordinary like any other game. But it is only through experience that true power can be seen. Extremely circuit, almost nothing can stop the cars can move. Going at high speed, all obstacles in front become easily broken.

Game Zombie Crash Racing Mod

Improved Features

Version hack Zombie Crash Racing outside has a system of many terrible cars. To ensure a higher chance of winning. As the challenges come later, it will be more difficult. More obstacles, undead, zombies. Also designed to add improved features, and upgrade weapons as desired. With a lot of different parts built to be used to assemble the most stable car. Resistant to any impact. The head is the part that cannot be ignored. When the point will be in direct contact with zombies as well as obstacles. A long-range weapon gun that can be fitted to vehicles. Securing a good vehicle makes every challenge easier to complete.

Hack Zombie Crash Racing Mod

Game Zombie Crash Racing is not only a racing game but also incorporates an action genre. Not too much, but also designed to add a lot of accompanying things. With racing, the vehicle system is already a problem. When the cost of servicing is very expensive. Now the game also adds an assembly feature. There are many different parts to enhance the car even more powerfully. It’s all incredibly expensive, but it’s impossible to pass up without doing it. Really, playing games is very stressed about money. To reduce that, new features are added. The most typical to mention is unlimited money. Nearly everything money-related is resolved quickly.

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