Download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD 1.6.97 (Menu, Unlimited ammo/No Overheating) Free

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Zombie Gunship Survival MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited ammo/No Overheating)
Name Zombie Gunship Survival
Version v1.6.97
Size 516MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited ammo/No Overheating
Support Android 4.3+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Flaregames


Zombie Gunship Survival is an extremely attractive shooting action game genre. Control the warplane to destroy zombies on the ground to protect the survival of humanity. You must fight the undead with all your huge arsenal. Like cruise missiles and large and small machine guns of different calibers. Your mission is to attack the selected target to protect the survivors. They are also fighting to protect their own safety. Most of the people here have been infected and turned into zombies. You are the source of aid and the last ray of hope for the fortunate lives below. Join Zombie Gunship Survival now to rescue the survivors. And save the world from the apocalypse in the hands of Zombie

Download Zombie Gunship Survival Mod – Fly a bomber to destroy Zombie

The theme of the apocalypse is not new to gamers. But with the context of fighting with Zombie zombies, it is extremely attractive to players. Not only in the game but even on the screen of hollywood, the topic of Zombie is always hot. Zombie Gunship Survival has also become popular with more than 10 million downloads. Because of the uniqueness and difference in gameplay. Make it more attractive than other first-person shooter games on the market. In Zombie Gunship Survival Mod, your team is the last line of defense to prevent the rise of zombies.

Your mission is to attack villages and cities that have been infected by zombies. Destroy them before they capture humans and invade your military bases. The goal above all is that you have to do your best to protect people from inhuman zombies. You are not only a fighter pilot, but you are also a commander of the air fleet. Take on the responsibility of protecting everyone and finishing off the evil zombies.

Download Zombie Gunship Survival Mod

Powerful weapon system

Every time the ground force is defeated, the number of Zombies increases. Due to the zombie army is extremely large and constantly increasing. So the developers of Zombie Gunship Survival Mod have equipped the game with an extremely diverse and rich arsenal of weapons. Including AK guns, cannons, Shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, 105mm howitzers, 40mm automatic cannons. Or even weapons with destructive wide-area damage like cruise missiles are also present in Zombie Gunship Survival. They can all be bought with money or require a lot of money.

In the game you will be equipped with 3 basic light guns. You will have to upgrade them by playing games to receive bonuses after each match. When you accumulate a large amount of money, buy yourself a favorite weapon. The more expensive the weapon, the greater its destructive power. You need to buy yourself the strongest and most powerful things so that you can suppress the enemy.

Free Download Zombie Gunship Survival Mod

Zombie Gunship Survival Mod has diverse maps

When playing Zombie Gunship Survival, you will be able to choose 4 different types of maps yourself. 1 is Bunker Charlie surrounded by mountains. 2 is Bakersfield which simulates a power plant, with occasional trains passing by. 3 is Pleasant Acres that simulates a densely populated area, consisting of roads and houses. 4 is Lockdown: a new map, that simulates a prison cell with surrounding walls.

Facing the danger of the apocalypse approaching by hordes of Zombie demons. A very scary danger with the ability to spread extremely quickly. It is understandable that the map in the game has simulated most of the terrain in reality. Because zombies have surrounded and flooded villages, cities or industrial areas. Each type of terrain will have different difficulties and challenges. Requires you to have the right strategies to perform the task of attack quickly. But it also takes sharpness to not cause damage to allies.

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Upgrade weapons and battle formations

When you first enter the game, you are equipped with 3 light attack weapons. That is more than enough to win because the early levels of zombies are still weak. You do not need to worry about upgrading weapons because only small mummies appear, and not too dangerous. But later, when your level increases, you will face extremely dangerous zombies.

Huge and fast-running Zombies, they will quickly break your defenses. At this point you need to pay special attention to upgrading your weapon system. Equip your teammates with the best weapons, armor, and items to take on your enemies. Equip high-damage weapons to kill more and more zombies faster.

Free Download Zombie Gunship Survival Mod for Android

Your air defense fleet is only one, while zombies appear everywhere. Equipping weapons and armor for allied forces on the ground is essential. So that they can fight back, protect themselves and everyone below. Because you do not always appear at the right time to be able to rescue. Join Zombie Gunship Survival Mod to join forces to destroy Zombie. Together protect humans and humanity from the brink of destruction. You can download the game at COROMOD and experience it for free on both iOS and Android platforms

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