Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK 2.3.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Diamonds, Free Shopping)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/10/2023
Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK 2.3.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Diamonds, Free Shopping)
Name Zombie Hill Racing
Version v2.3.2
Size 126MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Full Diamonds, Free Shopping
Support Android 5.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers INLOGIC ARCADE - zombie racing shooter


Zombie Hill Racing MOD APK is also gameplay in the racing genre. But it will surprise you. Because in the gameplay, the player not only drives to the finish line but also has to destroy the zombies. They will get in the way and attack the player. The mission system is simulated based on a completely new storyline. Players can drive like in other racing games. In addition, players can also manually improve the car. Your main goal is to defeat the zombies that stand in your way and continue to cross the finish line. The game is improved with many unique features. Give players the exciting feeling when racing. After each race, you will receive some attractive bonuses. Use that bonus to unlock and upgrade cars. Depending on the level, you can unlock new components or cars.

Download Zombie Hill Racing Mod – Destroy the zombies in the way with monster cars

The story of the game Zombie Hill Racing begins in the post-apocalyptic world. Human civilization is destroyed. Along with the outbreak, the spread of the pandemic caused most people to be turned into zombies. In the game, you will be playing the role of a lucky survivor of a disaster. You will have to start your journey in search of life. But when you ride everywhere you come across zombies. Be careful, if detected they will attack and eat you. To survive in this cruel world. You have to improve the cars to have offensive as well as defensive equipment. Overcome zombies to find new inhabited lands. Be careful with the tides too, because they are very crowded. That you are alone with the car can not fight them. At that time,

Zombie Hill Racing Mod

Vehicle system and equipment

Zombie Hill Racing Mod has a system of rich models and equipment. All of these are cars that have been modified with additional equipment around the car. All those cars were old and full of mud. The sign for the exterior design has been worn down over time. Each type of vehicle has different characteristics in terms of appearance and mobility. It is shown through the speed and power of the engine over the terrain. In particular, you can be upgraded to improve the skills of the vehicle. Equip many items to increase the vehicle’s attack and defense. Mount the gun on the roof of the car. It is used to fire bullets when you activate the engine. Or the sharp saw blade mounted on the hood, high-performance tires for stable movement on all terrains. More devices will be unlocked after you complete the challenges.

Zombie Hill Racing Mod

Difficulty gradually increases

When completing the chain of tasks in Zombie Hill Racing will create an attractive story. With many different levels to help players never get bored. Each level will have different terrain and a number of zombies. Use your driving talent to overcome the hordes of zombies that are always ready to eat you. Constant control to meet every challenge. When rolling, you will be able to complete the level with the corresponding number of stars. Continue to conquer the next level or replay the old level to achieve the highest number of stars. The difficulty of the game screen will increase gradually. The travel route is increased. The terrain and surroundings have also been modified. The number of zombies on the way will be more than before. And certainly, the bonus amount will also increase according to the game screen. The reward is calculated according to the number of stars you compete at that level.

Zombie Hill Racing Mod

Small notes when participating

Just like in real life. Fuel is very important in keeping the vehicle moving. In Zombie Hill Racing Mod too. To complete the game screen you need to save the vehicle fuel. Depending on the terrain, the amount of fuel burned will vary. For example, when you climb a hill, the amount of fuel will be much more expensive. Compared to you driving down the slope. Therefore, use energy sensibly. Because maybe because of running out of power, you will fail on the game screen.

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During the drive to the finish line, there will be refueling tanks on the road. Pick up fuel, they will help increase the fuel tank in your car. Increasingly, the difficulty of the game screen will increase. Distance will increase. So you need to upgrade your car’s fuel tank. It will help your car hold more fuel. From there you can go longer distances. Also, try to improve your driving skills. Because the terrain will change constantly, causing the vehicle to lose balance. And it is very easy to consume fuel as well as easy to overturn.

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