Download Zombie Horde Mod APK (One Hit) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 25/01/2024
Zombie Horde Mod APK (One Hit)
Name Zombie Horde: Heroes FPS & RPG
Version v1.13.21.187
Size 227MB
MOD Features One Hit
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers About Fun


Looking for a zombie-themed action? Zombie Horde Mod is an option not to be missed. Since its launch, it has received a lot of support from users around the world. This game gives you exciting first-person shooting battles. With extremely simple gameplay, just a few steps to master the battle. However, it is also necessary to have a strategy to build and improve your squad. Dozens of heroes are waiting for you to recruit into the anti-zombie squad. Each has unique abilities and is suitable for every position on the battlefield. Discover them and unlock the right weapons to assemble your own suicide squad.

Download Zombie Horde Mod – Fierce War Against Zombies at the Apocalypse

Zombie Horde Mod brings very new gameplay. Combined with the action theme of killing zombies, creating an excitement that no other game has. Delivers story-driven battles. You will transform into an anti-zombie commander. Summon more people to create a powerful team. Equip them with high-tech weapons. Kill zombies in the street and save humanity. This is a huge mission with hundreds of different levels. Stand up and destroy them as soon as possible to make the war come to an end. Save the survivors who are hiding around the city. From there, receive rewards and many great items.Download Zombie Horde Mod

Multiple modes available

In Zombie Horde Mod you will find many different modes. Each mode contains many new things in it. But the most popular mode is the campaign. Designed according to the original storyline including more than 50 levels corresponding to more than 50 combat missions. These missions will take you through the journey of survival against a large horde of zombies. This is your chance to improve your skills and strategy.Zombie Horde Mod

Besides, Zombie Horde Mod also has other modes such as Raid is unlocked when you complete level 9. The dark area is unlocked after completing level 14. The arena includes multiplayer. You can access this mode after level 18. Daily activities unlock after level 25. Each mode has its own quests with an attractive reward system. Some modes allow you to compete online with your friends. You can also team up with your friends to participate in alliance events like boss fights. Many great rewards await players at these exciting events. In particular, will also receive action points when winning.

Enjoy the shooting mechanics

In terms of gameplay, Zombie Horde Mod is a classic shooter. Therefore, there will be amazing first-person shooter battles. Enemies are constantly moving toward you and the goal is to aim precisely to destroy them all. In some missions, have to rescue other survivors. Then get used to the sniper rifle and take down the enemy with just 1 shot. The mission system in this game is really diverse. Rest assured that there will always be something new at each level.Zombie Horde Mod

In addition to shooting skills in Zombie Horde Mod. You also need to know some of the hero’s special abilities. Each hero in this game has different skills. It can be ballistic shooting, throwing grenades, or healing, … Each skill has a certain cooldown. This should be considered before use. They are the abilities of each character, click on the corresponding card on the screen. The combination of skills with fire rate will work in your favor.

Hero Recruit

Zombie Horde Mod has a collection of more than 60 heroes. With their own stories and abilities. This hero system is divided into several classes. Each hero class will have specific benefits. During the battle, you have the right to recruit 3 heroes to the team. You can then choose someone to be the commander and have full control over that character. Each hero with its own ability offers a lot of interesting options. Depending on the style of each person, including High damage, good defense, or speed. Each choice offers a certain advantage.Zombie Horde Mod

Battles in Zombie Horde Mod will bring endless excitement. This is possible thanks to the effects and sound of gunfire. The graphic design in the game is also sharp. The appearance of zombies is very diverse, each type has its own appearance. The hero system is also clearly displayed. Each hero has a skill set with vivid effects. In addition, the battlefield context changes flexibly through the levels to bring freshness.

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