Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod APK 2.6.0 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/12/2023
Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod APK 2.6.0 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)
Name Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon
Version v2.6.0
Size 134MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Diamonds
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Hot Siberians


The zombie pandemic has been exploited and built by many game companies with all kinds of genres. Although still built on a post-apocalyptic context. But Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod released by Hot Siberians will bring completely new gameplay. No more killing battles to win life, protect yourself from bloodthirsty zombies. Instead, the player will become a manager. The job is to find a way to build and develop a growing hospital. Find a variety of methods, and develop technology with full facilities. With the sole purpose to cure the Zombies to restore their sanity back to normal humans. And the end of the world stands at the end of the world. Back to the original appearance, where everyone lived happily.

Download Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod – Build and Develop a Hospital with Full Facilities

The gameplay of the game Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod is quite simple. Join the game players will be holding a small hospital. It’s a place to cure zombies for a chance to return to being human. But it will take a lot of time and opportunity to save a zombie. Since it is only a newly opened hospital, there will be a lot of equipment and staff shortages. Create a situation of both lacks of manpower and incompetence. And the job that the player needs to do is to think of a quick way to save it. For each person, there will be a source of income. From there, there is capital to purchase more advanced equipment. Ensure technology for quick treatment. Excess money can also recruit more capable employees. Don’t regret it, having a good expert will definitely reduce the time it takes to turn a zombie back into a human.Tai Zombie Hospital Mod

Quality Assurance Treatment

Surely you know that treating patients is no joke. Especially with Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod is also a treatment for people infected with viruses. So it’s always important to make sure you get the best treatment. So the game designed a lot of modern machines, all high-tech equipment. Medical supplies and medicines are also the best. Specially used to treat humans turned into zombies. But will need players to find ways to make money, and shop for hospitals. Creating a hospital that meets the quality standards can help zombies turn back to humans quickly.Zombie Hospital Mod

Hire More Staff

Along with the development of the hospital, the workload will also increase. Therefore, there will be a need for staff to ensure the best treatment. Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod has a specialized system for management. If there is enough money, players can choose to hire more people to work. But it will be necessary to see the nature of the work, and which array is missing, to be added. Add medical staff to treat or protect to ensure security. Or scientists who work on researching new ways to treat patients. There is also a builder who specializes in repairing and adding new rooms to the hospital. Anyone who is not sure can also be fired in order to give people a glimmer of hope.Download Zombie Hospital Mod

Patient Monitoring

Zombies are humans after being infected with a virus and cannot control their own behavior. Therefore, the treatment in the game Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod must always be careful. It is necessary to ensure that the two things are to cure as well as avoid infection. Just a moment when players are not paying attention can create a dangerous incident. Spread the virus right in the hospital itself. Due to a lack of timely detection, zombies can become aggressive and attack medical staff. So when playing, pay attention, and always have an overview of the whole hospital. Any problems that arise must be dealt with promptly.Game Zombie Hospital Mod

To ensure the construction of a good hospital, and timely access to advanced and high-tech equipment. Medicines, medical supplies, and players need to ensure that there is always a huge amount of capital. Because everything in Zombie Hospital Idle Tycoon Mod to own requires a huge amount of money. So it is very difficult to get a place to treat zombies with a quick return to humans. Players will also have a hard time in the process of trying to buy an item. But don’t worry there is an unlimited money mod version, which gives players an uncountable amount of money. It will solve all the above problems.

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