Zombie Idle Defense Mod 2.7.0b1 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/02/2024
Zombie Idle Defense Mod 2.7.0b1 (Unlimited Money)
Name Zombie Idle Defense
Version v2.7.0b1
Size 112MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers TDCGames


Get ready for the biggest zombie-killing campaign ever in Zombie Idle Defense Mod. This is a classic defense zombie-killing action game. Line up with a group of the last survivors. The mission is to destroy the zombies and restore the great city from the dead. To do this, it is not possible to act alone. It is necessary to recruit excellent shooters and integrate them with powerful weapons. Then have to build defenses to face the zombie wave. It is a long campaign with many challenges for players. How long will you survive on this journey? Let’s experience and discover many interesting things right now.

Download Zombie Idle Defense Mod – Kill Zombies Defend Cities

The post-apocalyptic world is once again exploited in Zombie Idle Defense Mod. Enter a world engulfed by a pandemic. Most people on earth are turned into zombies. Now only a group of survivors remained. Survivors learn to survive. But they can’t find each other to form a perfect survival team. This is the reason for your appearance as a leader of an army against zombies. It is necessary to call the last survivors to defend the big city. A long journey in the classic story mode ahead. It includes hundreds of levels to test each player’s patience.Zombie Idle Defense Mod

Join the battles

In each level of Zombie Idle Defense Mod, the task is to destroy each wave of zombies. To do this, it is necessary to call heroes and buy a lot of weapons. First, all you need is a hero with a gun in hand. He can perform 3 consecutive attacks on enemies on any level. However, the following levels will be more challenging as the enemies become more numerous and stronger. At this point, more heroes and weapons are needed. At the same time, upgrade continuously to improve your survival squad. No need to do too much in combat. Heroes will automatically attack the nearest target from behind the barrier. You can help them by using utility skills.Download Zombie Idle Defense Mod

Hero and Weapon System

Zombie Idle Defense Mod provides a full range of rich equipment. Among them, the category of heroes and weapons is the highlight. When it comes to heroes, there are a lot of options. They are the top shooters that form the survival defense. Each hero has his own appearance and skills. Strength is represented by stats including hp, damage, protection, fire rate, and accuracy. In addition, the hero system becomes more hierarchical the higher the rank. You can upgrade your favorite hero to improve stats and rank. When leveling up heroes gain new abilities.Game Zombie Idle Defense Mod

Weapons in Zombie Idle Defense Mod are extremely rich and diverse. Which, the most typical are pistols, pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even bazookas… Each weapon has 3 important stats to improve. That is damage, fire rate, and reload speed. Upgrading weapons and heroes will help players improve their defenses. This is the basis for victory on the increasingly difficult journey of survival. However, another factor that is equally important is strategy. You have to learn about each weapon. Use them, heroes, to combine them effectively.

Detailed and fun pictures

This Zombie Idle Defense Mod is built on a zombie theme. Create a new and interesting feeling. That’s thanks to the character’s design style. It features fun chibi visuals that minimize the violence and horror elements of the zombies. Combat effects such as shooting, and throwing grenades are still accurately described. Therefore, players will feel the heat of real struggles for survival. In addition, the lively background music adds to the enjoyment of the experience.Zombie Idle Defense Mod

In short, Zombie Idle Defense Mod though is a game with simple gameplay. But still attractive enough to keep players hooked for hours to experience it. Hurry up to download and immediately participate in this exciting survival campaign. You will dominate the battlefield with strategy and the support of the best gunners. Upgrade everything to last longer and conquer every city. Create a peaceful city, without the appearance of zombies.

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