GRID Autosport APK 1.10.1RC5

By MinhDuc - New update 27/02/2024
GRID Autosport APK 1.10.1RC5
Name GRID Autosport
Version v1.10.1RC5
Size 74MB
Support Android 9.0
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Feral Interactive


If you are looking for a better racing game than Asphalt or Real Racing. Then you should try GRID Autosport Mod. A surreal racing game with high-end 3D graphics for the best visual effects. Modern racing cars, realistic tracks, and extremely smooth movements. In addition, the game also has many attractive game modes. Includes offline, online, solo, and racing modes in multiplayer mode. Overall, this game is full of attractive elements of a racing game. It deserves to be at the top of the list of the best games of this genre. Let’s start to experience the game and race on your track. Challenging races or the biggest tournaments in the world are waiting for you to join. Show and reveal your racing talent.

Download GRID Autosport Mod – Join many big and small tournaments and become the best racer in the world

The user interface of GRID Autosport Mod is well-designed. Create favorable conditions for players to use a variety of activities. Combined with a variety of racing controls. You can choose a suitable control mechanism to join the race. The tilt control mechanism helps you move better on the track. Or drive a car by tapping and holding the arrow keys to navigate. Exciting racing feeling. It depends on your personal racing style. You can choose the appropriate control type. From there, you not only feel more excited during the race but also more efficient. Help you handle the situation quickly. Practice and practice your racing skills hard. For you to win the races and become the champion. And don’t forget the higher your rank, the more attractive the rewards you get.

GRID Autosport Mod

Conquer all races

GRID Autosport Mod currently has 2 typical modes: career level and multiplayer mode. However, that is enough for players to enjoy unique racing tracks on the most modern racing cars. In career mode, you build your own career from the very beginning. You have to pass many challenging levels and missions to level up and unlock new levels. Slowly conquer every race and tournament big and small to make your name on the offline leaderboards. However, on this journey, you can stop for a while to join some other races. Compete online with other players in multiplayer mode. Challenge them to hit milestones and win spectacular victories by getting the most glorious rewards.

GRID Autosport Mod

Either way driving skills are always the most important to dominate every race. You can choose your favorite car models and learn to drive them in many ways. You can play with the steering wheel or tilt the screen while controlling the speed of the car with the brakes and pedals. The driver mode is in the third-person perspective, allowing players to see the entire track including the grandstand area. Realistically designed routes. In addition to the main track, the track will have sections with additional tracks, a middle area, a grandstand, etc. Try to drive on the main track and overtake all your opponents.

Racing car system

GRID Autosport Mod has an extremely diverse racing system with more than 100 racing cars. Developed based on a real model. At the same time, it is divided into different classes, in ascending order of C, B, and A. High-class A racing. It can reach very high speeds in races. However, the amount to unlock is not small. The number of triggers depends on the selected race car model. Normally, some race cars by class such as BTCC (class C), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 (class B), and Stock Car Brazil (class A). Each racing car has its own set of specifications. The design is also extremely impressive. After owning a favorite racing car, you will be very excited during the racing process.

Game GRID Autosport Mod

Graphics and sound system

Graphically, there is probably a no better game than GRID Autosport Mod. It has a 3D graphics system plus realistic shadow effects and a vivid description style. You will see the latest racing cars, and the street and track scene is no different from real life. In addition, the color and lighting effects of the game are quite tight. In addition, the sound system is no less competitive. Attractive background music, and authentic cheering applause. Make you feel like you are racing in real life.

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