Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD 1.60.5 (Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamond, Unlock Car)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/04/2024
Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamond, Unlock Car)
Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Version v1.60.5
Size 136MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamond, Unlock Car
Support Android 4.2+
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Fingersoft


Set in the mountainous terrain full of danger but interesting. Hill Climb Racing 2 was released by publisher Fingersoft. To continue the success of Hill Climb Racing . In this new version, the game has a more diverse number of racing cars. Newer graphics and maps will give you a completely different feeling from the old version.

You will be going to places with the most majestic scenery. Travel around the vast map with the vehicle you own. The game is very diverse in terms of terrain types with different difficulty. You can choose motorbikes, cars, passenger cars. Or any strange car you find beautiful. What are you waiting for, download the game to your computer and experience it together.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod – Exciting Off-road Racing

Basically, this version still has the same features of the old version. However, I personally find it easier and more enjoyable to play. You just need to control the car running along a bumpy hill. You need to skillfully control the combination of brake and gas to go uphill or downhill. Although the gameplay is very simple, you should also be more careful in your journey. Because there are many bad roads, your car can overturn at any time.

The game gives you the experience of driving on a variety of road surfaces. By crossing many terrains such as fields, railway lines, ferry bridges, etc., creating a new sense of challenge. If you are a follower of Fingersoft publisher and have tried many games before. So why don’t you try Hill Climb Racing 2.

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Lots of new things in game Hill Climb Racing 2

Continuing the development of part 1, the game Hill Climb Racing 2 still allows the driver to drive non-stop. Your car only stops when you run out of fuel or have trouble on the road. There is a special new feature in part 2 is the “CUPS” racing mode that allows you to participate in racing with other players. If you win the Cup, your rank increases on the gold board. And you will be unlocking new environments and new cars.

Currently this game has only 5 cars instead of 29 cars like the old version. Of course, the old version also needed more than 3 years to reach the number of 29 cars. To suit each type of terrain, the cars also have their own unique characteristics. There are cars that start slowly but run stably, there are cars with fast speed but it is very difficult to control. Mastering each of the characteristics of the cars makes it easy to win. If in part 1 you can only go uphill and downhill on the valley. Now you can cross the hills, plains, ferry bridges… With dozens of types of obstacles ready to make it difficult for you.

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Diverse terrain, beautiful scenery

Like an adventure around the world. The game has more than 50 terrain maps for you to choose from. Each terrain map will have its own characteristics. You should carefully study the characteristics of each map and choose the right vehicle. What is more interesting than playing a game and admiring the majestic beauty of humanity. If you don’t like the lava map with the scorching heat. Then you can enjoy the cold in the winter map.

Or a wild feeling with the desert map, all around you is sand and sand. Different climates will create difficulties in traveling and fuel consumption. There are many more maps waiting for you to explore in the back. Download now Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod  to your device and explore.

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Do quests to receive valuable gifts

At the beginning, you will have a limited number of vehicles as well as map terrain. Complete the mission by passing simple challenges first to get used to the gameplay. When completing missions you will receive gold and experience. The more difficult the missions, the more gold and experience you will get. But not everyone can easily overcome difficult challenges. You have to be really focused and really try to make it through.

However, you don’t need to worry too much. If you do not have too much time but still want to play all the maps and challenges. Currently this game has MOD unlimited money feature and is shared by us for free. You can buy any car you like, upgrade the highest level for the cars. Hill Climb Racing 2 allows you to customize the car in more detail. Can upgrade the cars according to your style. Besides, you can completely unlock all maps and terrains to experience.

Free download Hill Climb Racing 2 APK for Android

Vivid graphics and sound

Although we still only build the game on 2D graphics, we see colorful images. It can be said that the publisher Fingersoft has invested a lot in Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod . They pay attention to the smallest details in the game. The variety of environments gives players a sense of dramatic adventure. Combined with that are effects such as fire and explosion, the laws of physics, overturning. To make the game more perfect and interesting, sound is an indispensable thing. The sound of the engine, the sound of the car going uphill or the sound of the car going down the cliff. All make a great entertaining climbing game.

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