Real Time Shields Mod APK 0.14.5 (Unlimited Gold)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Real Time Shields Mod APK 0.14.5 (Unlimited Gold)
Name Real Time Shields
Version v0.14.5
Size 109MB
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Support Android 5.1
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


You want to test yourself as a leader. Real Time Shields Mod will make that come true. Created and developed by the Lion Studios team. The game builds a lot of different challenges. The battles between two armies with one side defending the tower. While the other side will not stop attacking. Both have separate purposes that make up the war situation. Meanwhile, players participating in the game will be able to control the defensive army. With the task of dispatching troops, find ways to be able to withstand the attacks. Firmly defend the tower, where the entire army lives. Once destroyed everything will truly be over. Surely it is not easy when the number of enemy troops will increase with each level. But the new strategy is what decides everything.

Download Real Time Shields Mod – Maintain Defense Against All Attacks From the Enemy

Army-style games are now quite popular with many people. Because the interactivity that it brings is relatively high. As well as having a place to show all your talents. Real Time Shields Mod is a pretty typical game among them that you should not ignore. Designed for entertainment with the desire to bring moments of real relaxation after hard working hours. A game where players can practice their ability to command troops. When playing the role of the commander carrying on his duty of protection. Having the full authority to decide everything, holding a huge army in hand. Fully equipped with weapons as well as shields. Try to be able to withstand the attack from many different enemies. When the game has many levels, spoiled for players to try, and show their talents.Game Real Time Shields Mod

Articles of Military Combat

In military strategy games, the control of the opponent is extremely important. When it will directly decide the outcome of the match. Winning or losing cards is based on the player’s own decision. If you have a good array to catch up as well as siege, you can definitely destroy the enemy more easily. Real Time Shields Mod is also built on that principle, but with support. Before each match, there will be time for players to set up a match. And how to form a squad ready to fight is just a matter of guys. Can follow a straight or curved line. Circle or heart to be, as long as only with a single stroke. The army followed suit and lined up.Real Time Shields Mod

Increase the Strength of the Army

In Real Time Shields Mod there are two ways to increase power. The first is to use numbers to overwhelm the enemy, this is simple and also extremely effective. If one cannot defeat one, then two or three soldiers will certainly prevail. The second is more problematic, players will have to use the quality of each person in the army to compensate. By upgrading, buy new weapons. In terms of defense, if you have an extra shield, it’s extremely advantageous. Once the match is completed, it is almost impossible for the enemy to attack. And fighting in the style of a long-armed army will definitely have an advantage. Using a spear is also a pretty reasonable option, not to mention the addition of a bow or magic. Combining close combat with ranged attacks can guarantee half the victory.Download Real Time Shields Mod

Soldier Appearance

The soldiers in Real Time Shields Mod are designed in human form. But if you say exactly the same, it is not. By default almost no nose, mouth as well as face. The goal is to make the size of the game not too high. But that’s too simple a mistake for the developer who built one more feature to make up for it. That’s the face change part. Built with many different shapes that players can choose from. Not only in the form of a humanoid mass, but also with rays of light with a strange face. Roman-style armor fitted from head to toe.Tai Real Time Shields Mod

Real Time Shields Mod is the edited version. The goal is to bring the best features to the player. The most typical of which must be mentioned is the infinite gold mod. Gold here is the money value of the game. By joining the game, players will have the opportunity to receive a huge amount of money right from the moment they enter. With the maximum value, it is not possible to lose even a single bit of it using it. Can be used in any business. Get the items in the store. Help the strength of the entire army can increase rapidly, ensuring victory in every battle.

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