Sweet Fruits POP Mod APK 1.7.9 (Auto Win)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/10/2023
Sweet Fruits POP Mod APK 1.7.9 (Auto Win)
Name Sweet Fruits POP: Match 3
Version v1.7.9
Size 66MB
MOD Features Auto Win
Support Android 5.0
Category Game
Price Free
Developers DodamGames


Come to the game Sweet Fruits POP Mod. Players will be entertained and immersed in the colorful fruit world. This is a puzzle game provided by the publisher DodamGames. The game is operated on the classic match-3 puzzle gameplay. A series of consecutive levels of play with clear missions on many levels from easy to difficult. The game is experienced in 2 modes. Could be a device that is connected to the network to play online. Or no network connection to play offline. As soon as you download it to your device, you can play it completely for free. The graphics are beautifully designed, and the moving effects and sound quality are realistic. Bringing comfort, relaxation, and stress relief to players. Promises to bring you an exciting adventure.

Download Sweet Fruits POP Mod – Fruit Collecting Puzzle Game

Sweet Fruits POP Mod offers more than 3000 levels. The most basic task of the levels is to collect the required amount of fruit. The game will increase the difficulty by putting obstacles on the chessboard. The obstacles can be ice, grass layer, or wooden crate. You will have to destroy them. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you complete the quest at the current level. Give more difficult requirements, for example, the number of fruits that need to be collected is more than before. Or ask you to collect strange items that appear randomly on the chessboard. Make it difficult for you to solve the puzzle. Each level requires a match-3 puzzle to complete the mission. The missions are varied and renewed after each turn. When the task is completed, you will receive a bonus. The amount of bonuses depends on each level in ascending order. Along with the achievements you gain during the game. The achievement of each level is shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars.Sweet Fruits POP Mod

The process of solving puzzles

During the puzzle process of Sweet Fruits POP Mod. Need to match at least 3 similar fruits by touching, dragging to move. At each level, the puzzle moves will be limited. If it is not possible to collect the required amount before the puzzle turns are exhausted. You will not be able to complete the mission and have to replay the level. At the same time experience an unlimited number of plays. It is possible to create special fruits by matching 4 or more identical fruits. These special fruits create powerful explosive effects across an area, horizontally or vertically. Collect fruits in rows. Sometimes combining multiple fruit combos will destroy all fruits on the board. Collect a lot of different fruits in just one turn. Help you easily and quickly complete the task. At the same time achieve a very high achievement score.Tai Sweet Fruits POP Mod

Support items, automatic instructions

Sweet Fruits POP Mod provides special support items during the experience, as well as a tutorial feature. Booster items are used to help when you face a difficult challenge. For example, when a fruit is on the ice, it cannot be moved. Or there are still many obstacles to destroy, while the puzzle turn is running out. Now the hammer tool will help you break the ice. Or use bombs to destroy obstacles, and collect fruit on a wider range. More superior is when you use the iridescent fruit item to combine with a fruit. All fruit that resembles it will be collected. Also, destroy the obstacle that the fruit is placed on. The tutorial feature will be automatically activated when you do not solve the puzzle for a certain period of time. About 15 to 20 seconds. The system will flash the fruits that can be combined together, attracting your attention. However, on the chessboard, there will be other better options than the system’s suggestions, which require you to look closely to find out.Game Sweet Fruits POP Mod

The graphics of Sweet Fruits POP Mod are designed on a 3D platform. Cartoon images are sharp, vivid, and colorful with bright colors. Especially the effect and light when activating the fruit. Create combos like lightning effect, explosion effect, and effect when collecting fruit. It is impossible not to mention the realistic, attractive sound, suitable for many ages of players. The publishing team has reproduced the sound of lightning and explosions well. Funny music notes sound after each round of fruit collecting puzzles, arousing the players’ excitement. The same congratulatory music after you win.

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