Agent of Adventure Mod 3.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/02/2024
Agent of Adventure Mod 3.0.8 (Unlimited Money)
Name Agent of Adventure
Version v3.0.8
Size 89MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.1
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers TownSoftJP


Agent of Adventure Mod is an adventure role-playing game. Inspired by antiquity. Bringing in unique gameplay but is no less interesting. Instead of being an adventurer and experiencing the adventure journey in the first or third person. This game presents a sequence of events described through dialogue, thumbnails, and parameters. You will discover these facts for yourself and will make the decision to connect. Continue to expand your journey of discovery. There is no specific character system, no cutscenes, and no noticeable combat effects. But this game will give you a new sense of adventure like never before. It’s simple but engaging, engaging, and addictive.

Download Agent of Adventure Mod – Unlocks Idle Adventure

“What makes a great explorer is the long historical journey.” That brings up the original plot of Agent of Adventure Mod. This is the adventure journey of adventurers. Here are the dangers. Along adventure explorations to uncover ancient secrets. If you become one of them, you will join an endless journey until death. But the best thing about being an adventurer is what you leave behind for generations to come. So the goal of this game is to survive and explore as much as possible. You aim for mysterious lands and what lies within.Agent of Adventure Mod

Discover mysteries and items

Get ready for a mysterious adventure ahead. It’s full of fun and easier than imagined. Agent of Adventure Mod is based on novel gameplay, so it is well received by many users. Unlike traditional role-playing and adventure games. What you see on the screen are images, parameters, and dialog boxes. This data can be used to view your expedition. Will travel through many other lands, uncovering their secrets, and searching for resources and equipment. Collect antiques and enrich the collection to pass on to the next generation. That’s what should be done in this game. Just swipe and tap the Agent of Adventure Mod

Click on the “shoe” icon for the adventure in Agent of Adventure Mod. To discover the secrets of each country, just read the information below the description. It’s simple, right? The experience screen is also made vertically, which is convenient for one-handed operation. But everything becomes newer and richer as you level up. At this time, will find new lands, and new items. Same valuable stuff for an adventurer. In particular, will meet other adventurers, inhabitants, and crazy monsters in the cave. Don’t hesitate to approach them for clues. Uncover the mysteries to bring glory to the war.

Adventurer Upgrade

To go very far in Agent of Adventure Mod. Adventurer’s help is needed. They have important characteristic indicators. Including level, health point, spirit point, strength, defense… Upgrading this stat increases the speed of the mission. Especially you own a lot of adventurers. Each character possesses a unique discovery skill. If you form a group, you can go further in this exciting exploration. But manage them properly, creating a clear strategy. Calm, adventure, and fight accordingly. When an adventurer gets tired, he dies. Can recruit new adventurers and you have to upgrade it from scratch.Agent of Adventure Mod game

Open up new lands

With progression in time and level. The expedition party can travel through many different countries in Agent of Adventure Mod. Open up an ancient world, hiding many interesting things that make explorers eager to discover. It includes villages, caves, old fortresses, jungles… In each location, you will find different valuable things. Face ancient monsters such as giant snakes, dungeon lords, and wild beasts… Equip your heroes with armor, and weapons… to gain the edge. in the war.Agent of Adventure Mod

Overall, Agent of Adventure Mod is a rather novel game. Brings many surprises for players. Its novelty comes from the ancient way and realistic interactive style. Meanwhile, the background is covered in black and white. Classic and mystical feel. This makes for an exciting adventure experience that you should not miss. Master the journey by managing and upgrading the detective house. From there, it is possible to discover many things that are hidden deep in this world.

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