Champions of Avan Mod APK 1.2.27 (Unlimited Money, Resources)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 08/11/2023
Champions of Avan Mod APK 1.2.27 (Unlimited Money, Resources)
Name Champions of Avan
Version 1.2.27
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Resources
Size 90MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Early Morning Studio


Champions of Avan Mod is built under the idle role-playing genre. Created and developed by the Early Morning Studio team. With the promise for players to feel the most interesting things when experiencing. By joining the game, players will be transported into a new world covered in darkness. It has a gloomy color but is a land with the existence of countless mystical creatures. Divided into many different forces. For the purpose of building up a powerful empire of its own, the greatest city. Starting from a small land named Rokmyer unknown. Write your own history about a heroic anecdote. Like the entire army of the player, can fight and destroy all enemies. Any force that stands in the way has the ability to wipe it out.

Download Champions of Avan Mod – Build a Mighty Army to Fight To Strengthen Your Power

Experience Champions of Avan Mod to have the opportunity to establish yourself as a powerful empire. When the player will be brought into the world of darkness. With so many creatures possessing amazing powers. The established mission should be a strong army. Starting from a small village, only a few people, certain soldiers can control. From there, players need to think of ways to find more resources. Based on the available conditions, attract newcomers to join the army. Combining exploitation with the development and strengthening of troops. The game focuses on combat a lot, players can attack other armies. It is possible to earn more gold or necessary items from that. It also captures an additional land that the loser has to lose.Champions of Avan Mod

Strengthening Military Strength

Champions of Avan Mod has not only one way that can increase the strength of the army. Players can recruit and recruit more troops. Or go to capture to collect prisoners. Increase by quantity, simple but extremely effective. The game has many types of creatures, so there is no shortage of units to strengthen the army. The second increase in quality, ie upgrade, train troops, warriors become stronger. Based on the stats to evaluate, the greater the damage done, the higher the power. But of course, both of the above methods need to have enough resources. Therefore, the exploitation accordingly must not be neglected. When resources are guaranteed, it is certain that the strength of the army will constantly increase.Download Champions of Avan Mod

Conquering the New Land

To build from a small scale to a powerful empire, conquering new lands is essential. The map Champions of Avan Mod is designed to be extremely large. It can be seen as a real mission or a new world. With so many locations, the lands are ruled by many different forces. Belongs to many races of creatures, possibly humans, elves, and dwarves. There are also special creatures, the strength of which can be equal to an army. Like a dragon, its abode is full of treasures. In new places, there will also be mineral deposits that have not been exploited. If the ability is enough, players can gradually expand the territory. Defeat all enemies to build new cities. Mine resources seek rewards.Tai Champions of Avan Mod

Never Stop Building

Players when participating in Champions of Avan Mod. Remember that in order to have an invincible army when fighting, conquer new lands. First of all, you have to take care of the defense. If you have a good place to live, you can confidently go and conquer. There are enough resources to use for war. Players must have a certain preference for construction. The game has a special crafting section, there are many works that can be done. The houses are used for mining, army training, fortresses, defenses, etc. And gold, wood, and stone are the materials used for construction that players will have to find.Game Champions of Avan Mod

The cost to maintain an army is really expensive. Champions of Avan Mod needs more than that. War will consume a huge amount because there will be losses incessantly. Or used for building construction, consolidating, and recruiting more troops. It also requires a huge amount of resources. Money is the most important thing, without it, everything will be stagnant. To help players the mod is made with unlimited money and resources. Creating a strong empire will only be a matter of time. When very quickly there will be more troops, buildings can be built.

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