Chicken Gun MOD 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Health, Unlocked All, God Mode, Max Level)

By MinhDuc - New update 15/03/2024
Chicken Gun MOD 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Health, Unlocked All, God Mode, Max Level)
Name Chicken Gun
Version v4.0.2
Size 155MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Coins, Health, Unlocked All, God Mode, Max Level
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers ChaloApps


Chicken Gun MOD APK is a fun action game, integrating many interesting game modes. More specifically, your character looks quite mischievous. It is a rooster, with a stylized image, a round body and only tiny legs sticking out. Two more hands holding weapons look quite funny. An armed rooster is something we rarely see in mobile games, right? In the game, you will participate in many arenas. From single match modes, team matches, survival battles. Either participate in fiery racing tournaments, or freely create and explore in Sandbox mode. The gameplay is also very simple because it is exactly like other shooting games.

Download Chicken Gun Mod – Experience the best survival chicken shooting game

Game Chicken Gun has elements of survival role-playing games and team fighting modes. But don’t overemphasize the issue of achievement or accuracy. Because the graphics are quite sharp but have the style of square blocks like Minecraft. Plus, the characters in the game are plump roosters. So the game is mainly aimed at entertaining the audience. During fierce gun battles, you will be continuously revived. To experience these attractions to the fullest. Even when entering the game’s store, we can easily recognize that. Because you can buy tire-powered submarines, trains, or specialized construction vehicles.

Download Chicken Gun MOD

Game modes are extremely diverse

Chicken Gun Mod has up to 15 menus for you to choose the game mode you want. Including the capture the flag mode is the team battle mode. Playing is like playing on the “Pyramid” map in the online game “Crossfire”. Other team battle modes are “Battle Royal PvP”, “Battle Royal Teams” or “Plant Bomb”, they are quite good to try. Racing is a racing mode for your rooster. Participating in this game, you will choose the car you already own. Then accelerate to overtake other roosters.

Tải Chicken Gun MOD

Next is the special tank force mode “TanksTF”. Here, there are 2 tank teams, the mission is to attack the opponent’s tanks with teammates. With a top-down perspective, along with a slightly classic design image. This game will take you back to the legendary tank shooting game of many years ago. That’s not all, there is also a duel mode, or offline play. Finally, there is “Sandbox”, where you can freely explore like Minecraft.

The weapons and equipment store is unmatched

Game Chicken Gun will overwhelm you when you enter its “store”. There are a total of 13 categories for you to choose and shop. Includes gun storage, vehicle or mounted vehicle. Skins and items to decorate yourself to make yourself cooler. These are items for hats, shoes, eyes, beaks, tails or finally “Sets” of clothes.

In each category, there are more than 70 designs for you to freely choose from. They cost from little to a lot of money to buy. For example, the “Guns” section will have all kinds of guns like in reality. Pistols, machine guns, AK47 to 6-barrel guns, sniper rifles and all kinds of bows and crossbows. Melee weapons include all kinds of daggers, iron gloves, hammers, axes, and clubs. There’s even a chainsaw for you to carry and a battlefield to cut up chicken meat.

Game Chicken Gun MOD

There are all kinds of expensive cars, motorbikes, supercars, buses, ambulances, donkey carts, and even tanks. If you don’t like driving vehicles with internal combustion engines. Chicken Gun Mod also has up to 14 types of pets to choose from to ride. Equipment such as backpacks, clothes, hats, and shoes are countless, too numerous to mention. Download the game and experience it, you will see how interesting it is.

Customize for your rooster

As mentioned above, the Chicken Gun game has a diverse collection of equipment for itself. So you can completely transform. Help your character become more special in battles. Create a unique style that only you have. Wear a baby backpack with cat and bee images on the back. Superman backpack, or a pair of wings, or for more personality, you choose a “marine” backpack. The same goes for the headgear, you can choose a police hat, a captain’s hat or a pilot’s hat… Customize your chicken’s beak to make it long or short, with colorful glasses. And finally, there are 12 colorful ponytail sets for you to choose from. Let’s turn yourself into the strangest chicken warrior.

Hack Chicken Gun Vô Hạn Tiền

Chicken Gun Mod helps you enter a unique world of chickens. Play the role of a rooster warrior, fighting against the evil chicken faction. With a simple 3D graphics system, the game will take us to fiery arenas. Very attractive and not lacking in the most basic entertainment elements. Besides, there is the unlimited money feature, so you have the opportunity to unlock everything. Use the most unique items, unlock the most powerful guns. Makes it much easier for you in the gunfight journeys ahead. Very interesting, isn’t it bro?

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