FIFA Football MOD APK 20.1.02 (Menu, Auto win/Dumb opponents)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
FIFA Football MOD APK 20.1.02 (Menu, Auto win/Dumb opponents)
Name FIFA Football
Version v20.1.02
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Auto win/Dumb opponents
Support Android 5.0+
Category Sport
Price Free


FIFA Mobile Mod (formerly known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer) is the most famous and loved football game. A great choice for those who have a passion for king sport. And love the fiery atmosphere in the top football matches. This is the most successful super product of the whole ELECTRONIC ARTS publisher. Bringing together the best football games you can download on your own phone. There is no denying the hotness of this game. As it has attracted more than 11.2 million reviews and over 100 million downloads. You can kick the ball any time you like. Score goals during halftime and handle the ball in the smartest way.

Download FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup – Become the king of the pitch in world-class tournaments

FIFA Football (FIFA Soccer) has tournaments for gamers to join and compete against each other. Each player will be selected and established for themselves a ball with a unique shirt color. You may not know, FIFA Mobile is a franchise game and is officially licensed by the world football federation FIFA. So you can find most of the teams here. You can choose your favorite team such as Spain, France or Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​etc. The players available in the squad can also be substituted. Each player will have different technical stats, abilities and scoring performance. Make the right choice, train in your own way. And take the team to new heights.

Download FIFA Football MOD

Coming to FIFA Football Mod (FIFA Soccer) you will directly participate in the ball game, not simply sit outside and observe. Players will control the players using techniques such as passing, gliding, kicking or more complex techniques. The on-screen controls will help you with that. Score as many goals and win the opponent. Record your achievements at tournaments to gradually advance to the world championship. After each task completion, you will receive a bonus from the publisher. So, find out about the opponent you will face before the match. Calmly handle each ball to get the desired result.

Form a strong squad

The player system in hack FIFA Football (FIFA Soccer) is extremely diverse. Gathering many famous names in the field of football in real life such as Messi, Ronaldo, etc. They are sold in the shop for a rather high price. If you don’t have enough coins to own, don’t worry too much. Because the arrangement of the squad and the skill of controlling the team is the core factor. Decide should win the match. And a professional coach is one who knows how to promote the strengths and limit the weaknesses of his team. A team must have a strong connection between the members in order to maximize its strength. So please take care of all the players.

Tải FIFA Football MOD

Let’s practice so that the players can play better. If you don’t practice, your team will not have the strength and will not be able to coordinate well with each other. Lessons are essential to help you better grasp the game, the rules, control and play the ball. In addition, FIFA Football (FIFA Soccer) has integrated the Kick-off mode into the opening. You will have to complete basic lessons such as how to pass the ball to a teammate, dribble, pass, accelerate or finish. These are all basic skills, but you need to practice well to be able to score the best results. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Diverse tournament system and game modes

There are dozens of major tournaments in FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup awaits you such as La Liga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, etc. You will face excellent and experienced opponents from around the world. Don’t worry, you can practice and participate in multiple tournaments at the same time. The course of the competition will bring you more experience. Improved tactical organization and more proficient playing of the ball. And your team will be much more mature. FIFA Football (FIFA Soccer) Mod also rates players based on their achievements. Play your best, and maybe your name will be listed on the world rankings.

Game FIFA Football MOD

Currently, most soccer games are boss fights. This will be extremely boring, not providing an engaging experience. FIFA Mobile has overcome, eliminated this boredom. Integrate 3 different game modes including: AI, online, and confrontation. Depending on the preferences of each person, choose for themselves the most appropriate game mode. But surely everyone will enjoy the PvP mode. Because players are combined with their friends to compete with other extremely attractive teams. Let’s practice hard together and have many interesting experiences. And win the world championship together, right?

Excellent graphics

One of the things that make up the name of FIFA Football (FIFA Soccer) Mod is the super nice graphics quality. The game is extremely popular and loved by the gaming community. The players are simulated and designed extremely realistic and beautiful. The picture is quite close to reality. The turf is 100% reproduced to resemble the standard FIFA World Cup pitches. The sound system is vibrant, giving you the feeling that you are playing on a real grass field. Along with that is the change, updating new features continuously. To give gamers the best experience.

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Join the FIFA Mobile Mod game, you will be immersed in many classic big football matches, on a large scale around the world. With attractive gameplay, combined with beautiful 3D graphics will give players a great experience. You are free to show off your talents and techniques to the audience. Come up with a strategy, a battle plan for the whole team. Practice and regularly improve skills, apply reasonable tactics. Make your team the strongest team in the world. Observe and command matches. Training young talents with the potential to become future stars. Join now FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup and become the champion of the king sport right away.

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