Guild of Heroes MOD 1.165.3 (Menu, Unlimited money/diamonds, God mode, No Cooldown)

By MinhDuc - New update 20/05/2024
Guild of Heroes MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited money/diamonds, God mode, No Cooldown)
Name Guild of Heroes
Version v1.165.3
Size 140MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money/diamonds, God mode, No Cooldown
Support Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers UPWAKE.ME


When you were a kid, did you wish you had magic to make something you like? Or simply a magic wand to control everything. To help people return to their childhood, the Guild of Heroes was born and growing. Opening up a magical world helps us to comfortably experience these mysteries. You will transform into a magician, archer, or warrior to join exciting adventures. To increase the attractiveness, the game will make you excited when you have to face countless difficult challenges and full of dangers. Is there a new challenge to help us improve our skills.

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With quality graphics, the game recreates before our eyes the magnificent medieval cities. To match that context, Guild of Heroes has a typical classic gameplay. You will transform into characters bearing the name of heroes, together overcome different gates. In each location, there will be difficult opponents and enemies. They will rush like moths to attack every time the hero enters the magic circle. The mission is to fight hard, using skills to defeat the bad guys. Let’s go deeper and win the final contest. Let’s protect the world from the rebellious to prove you are the true hero.

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If you feel quite boring when playing alone. Game Guild of Heroes will help you solve that problem. This game will give you companions. Work closely with them in PvP battles to defeat your opponents. Of course, when you complete the task excellently. Then you will receive a lot of bonuses and good loot. Even more interesting, every time you pass a stage in the match. You will have the opportunity to unlock chests to receive a lot of valuable rewards. I’m sure these rewards will help a lot on the thorny road ahead.

The game mode is extremely diverse, free to choose

Guild of Heroes will take you to different arenas. Battle with monsters, arena with dragons, battle in dungeons, etc. In addition, you can enter the arena to compete with other players. By participating in online battles in PvP mode. A battle to claim who you are on the leaderboard. It’s really a game to look forward to, isn’t it? Moreover, the game also satisfies the needs of players when you want to fight with friends. It was in the Guild Wars arena. Compete against other clans. Cleverly coordinated with teammates to attack, making them unable to react.

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With PvE mode, you will discover the quest system available in each level. Diverse challenge system, encountering many formidable opponents. This will be a mode that helps you train yourself and learn to survive in any environment. Meanwhile, in PvP mode, gamers will be able to experience the reality of playing against real players around the world. Exciting battles are waiting for you ahead. Always be ready, with your always-upgraded hero. Show everyone who you are and where you come from. Sometimes, even if you lose, you show your own style. An ego that no one can ever forget.

Hero’s unique skills

You may not know, version Guild of Heroes does not have a unique character system like many other games. You only have a certain hero to fight from the beginning to the end of the journey. That, certainly won’t affect your win. You don’t have to keep changing characters to be interesting. Although you can only choose one hero, this hero has the ability to flexibly switch between many different roles. We can add shields or swords to increase melee attack. Or turn him into a mage to have amazing spells,…

Game Guild of Heroes Mood

Smart combination of weapons, armor

Combine weapons and armor to help you increase your attack power, as well as help you last longer in every battle. From there, make the most of the functions of the character you choose. So each character will bring distinct advantages. Consider carefully when choosing a hero to represent you in the match. Another interesting point of the Guild of Heroes, is to bring all players to know the vast map system. There will always be limits and boundaries, but it takes a long time for you to control the character to move to those positions. We will meet again the fairy tales, the memories of childhood.

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Only by defeating the enemy can you win. In addition, to attract players, graphics and images are built in a mysterious, ghostly style. With high-end 3D graphic design, character images, vivid context and realistic sound will help you have an extremely wonderful experience. In addition, Guild of Heroes will help you connect with players around the world. You will exploit your skills in the best way with each different level. A series of interesting challenges are waiting for you, let’s start the adventure with us.

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