House Designer Mod 1.23 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 29/05/2024
House Designer Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name House Designer
Version v1.23
Size 104MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Karate Goose Studio


If you are a person who loves beauty. If you want to decorate your home yourself, House Designer Mod is the number one choice. Helping you to be satisfied with the design of your home. In the beginning, players will participate in interior design for themselves. Free to display, decorate, repair, or clean up. Everything is done by hand. But it takes money to do this. Complete daily assigned tasks to earn extra bonuses. With money, you can freely shop and change the look of the room in your own way. So let’s explore and experience the game with us right now.

Download House Designer Mod – House design simulator game

There are many decorating games on the market. But House Designer Mod has a unique feature that other games do not have. The first impression of it is the sharp, realistic 3D graphics. After that, a series of highlights about the item system, missions, and free play was revealed. Emphasize player creativity, which is not limited. So you can comfortably arrange everything in your home in your own way. The game also allows for the decoration of many areas around the house.House Designer Mod

Not only the bedroom, and living room but also the garden, aquarium, and more. Each place House Designer Mod has a different architectural style. So or try to combine to create a home of your own. From the courtyard, garden, swimming pool… The decoration needs to be meticulous and skillful, so it requires time to pay attention to it. Besides, the game is designed by the publisher to be authentic with a first-person perspective. So all activities will take place right in front of you, looking like the real thing. Beyond the imagination of many.

Clean everything up before decorating

House Designer Mod is not easy to play like other gameplay on the market. The purpose is to bring moments of relaxation after being tired. Started moving to a new apartment for rent but it looks quite old and messier than expected. So the first thing to do is clean up with available tools. Make the house as clean as possible. Trash bags were scattered on the floor. Or newspapers, dirty clothes, stains on the floor, walls, garbage in the toilet… Use brooms, and mops to do it. And for the outdoor area, use a mower to trim the grass that is too House Designer Mod

It will not be easy during the time when starting House Designer Mod. But from a first-person perspective, it’s very interesting. Because you can do anything and the image appears extremely realistic. You can explore all the nooks and crannies of the house from the outside in. Clean up and get rid of old things, ready for a new start with the house. Cleaning doesn’t require money, it just takes some time to take it to the trash. But some tools will need to be unlocked. Do some basic quests to earn coins and shop them.

Explore the super furniture store

Once the house is clean, you can start decorating the interior. House Designer Mod offers a very rich furniture store. With the objects closest to the player. You will be overwhelmed by the furniture. Includes hundreds of models and a wide selection of colors, designs, and brands. These include wallpapers, tables, sofas, rugs, wall paintings, decorative flower pots, wardrobes, bathtubs, mirrors… Bringing new experiences to players. So buy the house the most necessary items. Enjoy decorating the house with different Christmas styles. You can decorate as you like. Separate interior styles for each room, then the garden, swimming pool, parking…House Designer Mod

Realistic and vivid 3D graphics

Although it is a simulation game, but House Designer Mod has terrible 3D graphics. The publisher invests in the design, effects, and extremely vivid colors. The objects in the house or the background of the pool, the garden, the bedroom, the bathroom… Every detail is meticulously depicted, and the background music is always cheerful. Bright and colorful background. Create an interesting feeling that does not get boring quickly. Moreover, it brings a first-person experience that should appear in the player’s eyes vividly.House Designer Mod

Therefore, House Designer Mod is rated as the best game of the year. Worth experiencing once. You can build your own second home here in any style. Here there is no limit to your creativity. The Mod feature provides a comfortable experience for users when shopping for furniture in the store. Now there is no need to worry about money anymore. So what are you waiting for, come here and show your creativity?

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