Jelly Shift Mod 1.8.42 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 02/04/2024
Jelly Shift Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Jelly Shift
Version v1.8.42
Size 47M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers SayGames Ltd


You are too bored with online shooting games. Want to explore idly along with exciting gameplay? Jelly Shift Mod will be the first choice. With simple gameplay, is a cult role-playing game for a while. So right from the launch, it has been well-received by many players around the world. This is a product of the popular publisher SayGames Ltd. Here, players will show their skillful skills in each round. To be able to go through the obstacles easily. Move up and down to force your jelly to pass between the bars. From there, bring your character to the finish line and receive hundreds of valuable gifts.

Download Jelly Shift Mod – Cleverly Bringing Sticks With Various Shapes To The Finish

Jelly Shift Mod is a fun game that follows the rules of the endless runner genre. That is unless the player makes a mistake or completes the round, the game stops. Endless-running games often have simple gameplay, easy to immerse, and are extremely unique. Some evidence of this can be found in many titles of the same genre. All are really fun games. About the gameplay is extremely simple, players just need to swipe up or down to change the shape of the jelly. Make it possible to reach the dishes trying to escape.Jelly Shift Mod

However, this setting must match the length and width of the obstacle in front of you. In order for the jelly to pass optimally in every Jelly Shift Mod round. Here, the challenges will be extremely difficult. Obstacles can be squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. But it is also difficult for players to estimate the size of the jelly block compared to the upcoming obstacle. Therefore, the game has been designed to add a “shadow” of jelly on the surface of each challenge. Make it easier for you to format.

Increasing difficulty

In the pursuit of the dish of the jelly block. Have to complete many different challenges and levels. In the first levels of Jelly Shift Mod, the player will be discovering the basics. The obstacles in the game are arranged quite discretely. Coupled with a slow encounter speed will create an easy battle. But the good is always waiting for the player behind the warm-up screen. The difficulty level increases gradually as the game speed increases. Difficult-shaped obstacles appear. The jelly block will be accelerated to run through the ice as if something is chasing it.Ear Jelly Shift Mod

Not to mention the zigzag turns will make players unpredictable and create surprises. One thing to note in Jelly Shift Mod is that you don’t have to go through all the challenges to complete a new game. And every time you successfully complete a series of “Breaking” levels. From there will earn Fever points. When the Fever bar is full, it will enter an unstoppable state, it accelerates until it reaches the finish line. A little advice for players, try to play cautiously in the first challenges to get enough Fever. It will save you a long way or get you to the finish line.

Unlock the costumes

In the games of Jelly Shift Mod. There will be randomly dropped gems on the track. Your job is to collect them as much as possible. When you have a certain amount of diamonds, you can unlock many items in the shop. Including outfits for your jelly blocks. They have an extremely eye-catching Christmas shape, with youthful motifs. Surely players will create a splendid collection. Lots of beautiful skins are waiting for you to discover.Game Jelly Shift Mod


The appeal of Jelly Shift Mod is undisputed. Because it was designed by the publisher SayGames Ltd in the form of multi-dimensional 3D graphics. But in essence, it’s relatively simple. Images in the game are eye-catching, stylish colors and will be changed over time. The game screen, certainly will not be as monotonous as you imagine. Along with that, the jelly block is carved quite meticulously. It exudes dazzling beauty, the highlight of the obstacle course. In terms of sound, there are also separate tracks here. Soft music is very suitable for this style of play.Download Jelly Shift Mod

Overall, Jelly Shift Mod has quite interesting and attractive gameplay. It does not require many complex skills for a game. So players can conveniently experience. You can play it anywhere you want, after school, on the bus, or even in the bathroom. I firmly believe that it will leave a deep impression in the hearts of players. Let’s join and discover many mysteries right now.

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