Legend of Ace Mod 2.17.3 (Menu, Light Map, Show Enemies on Mini Map)

By MinhDuc - New update 01/03/2024
Legend of Ace Mod 2.17.3 (Menu, Light Map, Show Enemies on Mini Map)
Name Legend of Ace
Version v2.17.3
Size 567MB
MOD Features Menu, Light Map, Show Enemies On Small Map
Support Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Still Gaming


You are too familiar with moba games with old gameplay. If you want to experience something new, then Legend of Ace Mod will be a very reasonable choice. Improved gives players exciting battles, with a high strategic element. Since its launch, it has received the support of a large number of users around the world. Matches now last less than 10 minutes. Create a premise for the new gameplay to be opened. Besides, it is also possible to compete online with players around the world. Put your name on the leaderboard, to show your level to all players. Efforts to show skills, and innovate tactics with teammates. Win and receive dozens of valuable gifts.

Download Legend of Ace Mod – Join the Furious 5v5 Moba Game

Surely you are not too unfamiliar with strategic moba gameplay. Once again appearing at Legend of Ace Mod but in a new context. You will find that there are many new things here that have never been seen before. Here, the battles require strategy and high skill, this is the challenge for players. New character system, carefully built from appearance, skin to skills. Next, there is a map designed to give a more detailed and beautiful battlefield. Of course, the impressive graphics quality is not inferior to other popular moba titles. Everything is depicted realistically and vividly with a top-down perspective. If you want to enjoy something new and take on the winning MVP.Legend of Ace Mod

Experience fierce battles

The rules in Legend of Ace Mod are no different from traditional moba games. Typical 5v5 battles in the familiar ranked mode. Team up with 4 other players to join the match. Each player plays a different role and must work together to win. The goal of each team is to attack and destroy the enemy’s main tower. To do this, it is necessary to destroy enemy troops, destroy additional towers and occupy territories on the map. On the battlefield, you need to keep your position in a specific area (mid, bot, top, or jungle). Your task is to prevent and attack the opponent and occupy their territory.Download Legend of Ace Mod

Rich skill set

When participating in matches in Legend of Ace Mod. To gain the advantage and bring victory we need strength and creative play. Each champion has 3 skills and 1 basic attack. Of course, players need to combine skills to create effective attack combos. Also, retreat to heal when at a disadvantage. Don’t be too greedy to lose both gills and defensive turrets. The squad needs to have a flexible playstyle to create a premise for victory. In particular, do not forget to move around the map to support allies. Victory or defeat largely depends on the skill of each person.Legend of Ace Mod

Connect with friends online

Legend of Ace Mod is a playground that connects players who love the moba genre. You can meet, socialize and work with them in random modes. In addition, it is also possible to make friends and invite someone to new games. Communicate with friends, using chat and conversation functions. In addition, the game also allows creating or joining a clan. Guild members will fight together and rank up. The competition on the leaderboard is always exciting because of the extremely attractive rewards.

Diverse hero system

Legend of Ace Mod brings a lot of new things, including heroes. Ear here is divided into 5 common classes include; Tank, Gunner, Assassin, Gladiator, and Mage. In each type, there will be many different heroes, Each of them has a unique trait and skill set. It is necessary to have a good understanding of each champion, especially the characters used for each position. In addition, to master all the skills of your favorite generals, it is necessary to participate in regular drills. In particular, this game applies a new upgrade mechanism, unlike regular moba games. Instead of an item system, it offers a card system with hundreds of options. Players just need to use the right cards to make their champion stronger.Legend of Ace Mod

It can be said that Legend of Ace Mod is the perfect choice to replace old moba games. Here, giving players a very new feeling. The role-playing battle was less than 10 minutes and full of excitement. But players will feel the attraction that is hard to match with any other moba game. Moreover, this period is enough for players to show off their skills and tactics to their opponents. Along with the Mod feature in this version, surely players will be able to easily win the top matches. What are you waiting for, let’s join and win the MVP?

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