Stick War 3 MOD 2024.3.2011 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Summon, Unlocked, Full Skins, Soldiers)

By MinhDuc - New update 03/06/2024
Stick War 3 MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Summon, Unlocked, Full Skins, Soldiers)
Name Stick War 3
Version v2024.3.2011
Size 326MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Gold, Diamonds, Gems, Summon, Unlocked, Full Skins, Soldiers
Support Android 5.0 +
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Max Games Studios


Publisher Max Games Studios released a game that attracted a large number of participants. Many people are curious about this game. Like wondering what’s so special about it. Stick War 3 will bring you into the fun and addictive stickman strategy arena. This game  makes you fall in love with battles that look easy and simple but are challenging. With a funny graphic style and a series of eye-catching effects, fascinating battles will be opened. In the game, your duty as a military commander. There are quite a few unique modes here for you to experience. Get ready to lead your stickman legion and win in every arena.

Download Stick War 3 Mod – Join the worldwide battle and rule every country

Stick War 3 is extremely simple with black stickman shapes. You can start a fight in seconds, whether against AI or online gamers. The battle will take place on a large area of ​​land, with a background of trees and hills. You just need to click on the screen operations and you can control the army at your disposal. This game is quite simple but enough to challenge your talent. Choose the right strategy, be a smart commander. Know how to build a strategy on defense or attack. After each battle, you will receive rewards to continuously upgrade your stickman army, towards bigger tournaments and new strategies.

Download Stick War 3 Mod

Game Stick War 3 brings excitement like any battle game. You will choose your own strategy, implement it yourself, and experience the success or failure of the results of that staging process. Players will be able to unleash their creativity, experimenting with all manner of battle arrangements before entering the battle or even during the battle. You will be able to do things the way you want without the consequences or traumatic loss. What are you waiting for, join me in a worldwide battle and be ready to dominate every country.

Build bases and upgrade stickman army

In addition to staging battles, Stick War 3 Mod requires you to build a solid base. A strong base will protect your army as well as withdraw when it is weak. This is also the place to help you solve all problems. Take time to think and come up with a long-term strategy. It is also a place to gather troops, recruit and train new soldiers or upgrade weapons for your troops. Protect this turret against enemy attacks, avoid being taken over by them. You can also take over other countries’ bases to expand your scale. The more bases you have, the better chance you have to turn the tide of battle.

Tải Stick War 3 Mod

Version Stick War 3 brings an extremely diverse system of soldier unit classes. There are 6 typical unit classes, including: diggers, minions, swordsmen, archers, wizards and giants. Miners play the role of mining resources to create gold coins. Meanwhile, swordsmen and soldiers usually have a vanguard role. Archers and witches are the main damage dealers. Giants are rare units with great HP and high damage. You can decorate them with skins and use gold coins to upgrade their level. Upgrade your units. After each upgrade, your units will improve important stats such as HP, attack range, cooldown, damage, etc.

Diverse game modes

Game Stick War 3 has 3 game modes: campaign, tournament and countless zombies. The campaign is suitable for new players. The levels are designed from easy to difficult with specific instructions. The rewards are also very attractive. In the tournament, each player will fight in turn based on the tournament table. The final winner will be the champion. The battle in the tournaments will bring difficulties and challenge any player. Countless Zombies mode will make you dizzy. Each night, you only have a certain number of soldiers and must deploy to battle the increasing number of zombies. Please choose the mode that you love and most suitable to experience.

Game Stick War 3 Mod

Stick War 3 Mod has further developed the feature of inviting friends to participate in 2v2 combat. In PvP combat level, you only fight alone with another player. You will meet players from all over the world. In 2v2 battle mode you can choose familiar teammates. The two will compensate each other intelligently. One can follow the defensive strategy, the other will follow the offensive direction. The more friends you have, the more interesting the game will be. Flexible manipulation combined with rhythmic music. Compete with your friends to see who is the better leader.

Sophisticated, fun design

Stick War 3 is really different in graphic style. Instead of a high-quality 3D platform, this game possesses a simple but extremely sophisticated 2D style. The images used are mainly black funny stickmans. The battlefield context changes flexibly depending on the map, bringing the necessary freshness. Besides, the effects and battle sounds are also quite lively. Contributing to creating attractiveness for every battle. Overall, Stick War 3 is a strategy game worth playing on the phone. It will make you satisfied with the strategic gameplay that is fun, but no less dramatic and challenging.

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Stick War 3 brings many attractive new features. Includes 2v2 team combat, invite friends to join the battle. You can build a giant shield out of bubbles to prevent incoming projectiles. In addition, the fight also takes place with random opponents, creating a sense of suspense and stimulation. The war for money and power takes place anytime, anywhere. Everyone has greed for material possessions. Therefore, there will be many countries participating in this battle. Each country has its own style. Right now gather and train your strongest army to be ready to fight at any time.

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