Lifting Hero MOD 45.0.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money And Gems, Autoclick, Huge Character, No Ads)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/03/2024
Lifting Hero MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money And Gems, Autoclick, Huge Character, No Ads)
Name Lifting Hero
Version v45.0.0
Size 96MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money And Gems, Autoclick, Huge Character, No Ads
Support Android 5.1
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Rollic Games


You are a sports enthusiast, you want an entertaining game but still have to be associated with development. Come to Lifting Hero – a weight training simulation game, loved by many players. This is also a game with simple gameplay, so everyone can approach the game easily. Participating in the game, gamers will be challenged by lifting items from light to heavy. Here, you will be training like a weightlifter. Click quickly and repeatedly on the screen to make the athlete grow taller and taller. Experience it now to confirm your muscle strength.

Download Lifting Hero Mod – Exercise, improve health

If you have ever practiced sports, joining this game is extremely simple. Lifting Hero gives players a relaxing, but just enough to be addictive. Suitable after stressful working hours. You won’t have to do much other than “click” continuously. You think, will be very boring. However, you should try to experience and feel, it will definitely be interesting. The character’s height, weight and muscles are limitless. Which means your character can be as big as any size. Can you imagine? When the growth of weightlifters will be as big as a city, maybe even beyond Earth.

Download Lifting Hero Mod

One attraction of the game, is the variety of workout items. Every time you complete a level, your item’s weight will get heavier and heavier. The bigger and heavier the item, the faster your muscles will increase. Therefore, work to click as quickly as possible. Completing missions will help you earn many attractive rewards. So, try to earn as many gifts to serve the more difficult levels.

Outstanding features only available at Lifting Hero MOD

You will experience the features only available in the Lifting Hero hacked version:

Infinite weight: you can increase weight infinitely. Your character is even bigger than the Earth. At first, you will be challenged with a tree branch. Then there are things beyond imagination.

Muscle development: Players will feel a noticeable difference in muscle after a period of practice. That is one of the points that creates excitement for gamers.

Auto-click feature: After a playthrough, you will unlock the auto-click feature. This allows your character to automatically practice even when you are not in the game.

Cute cartoon graphics: The graphics of Lifting Hero are extremely eye-catching, with lovely cartoon graphics that will make you drawn to every detail in the game. The weights are also authentically designed. And you can see many different special designs. Bring an interesting experience for players when participating in practice.

In addition, the publisher also brings unique muscle training items, to diversify the choices of players. The bigger the item, the faster your muscles will increase and help gamers earn more money.

Tải Lifting Hero Mod

Simple but addictive gameplay

At the beginning of the game, you are just a little guy. With slow weight lifting speed. But after the practice, you can achieve certain achievements. Become a giant and carry the whole Earth. After each weight lifting, you will receive a certain amount. With this money, players will use to buy new equipment. Upgrade your character’s stamina and speed, or strength. When upgraded, your guy will lift weights faster. Becoming stronger day by day. Although the gameplay is quite simple. But the rewards and achievements achieved after the training process will surprise you. And stimulate you to try harder.

Lifting Hero with cute cartoon graphics, and a series of different challenges. Complete each challenge to get huge rewards. Let’s turn a little guy into the strongest man in the world. However, the game will not be simple. Requires you to be skilled and choose wisely. Now, are you ready to lift weights?

Game Lifting Hero Mod

Discover a bunch of new items

As your achievements get higher, Lifting Hero allows you to access a collection of unique items she shares. Which I think you should not ignore. The collection includes: pencils, sticks, books, guitars, and more. You can even unlock a plane or spaceship at a high level. It’s so great, isn’t it? The system of diverse and rich objects will stimulate the curiosity of gamers. You will be very excited to look forward to the new item. And extremely handy, when you can play this game anytime, anywhere.

Hack Lifting Hero Mod

Join the battle to challenge your friends

If playing alone makes you feel lonely or boring. Lifting Hero brings a super fun “Battle” game mode. You can compete against a random player around the world. To win, you need to lift weights faster and have a bigger body. That, boost your training. Everyone wants to win. Therefore, it will promote the will to practice and improve your skills. Moreover, this mode will help you earn more rewards than normal mode.

So are you ready to join the game Lifting Hero yet? Characters, exciting rewards and opponents are waiting to compete with you. Surely this game will help you get great entertainment moments. Through a series of unique features, with eye-catching graphic design, quality sound.

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