Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod 87.87.127 (Unlimited Money, VIP)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/05/2024
Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money, VIP)
Name Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Version v87.87.127
Size 566MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, VIP
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited


When you are passionate about Boxing but lazy to go to the gym. Real Steel World Robot Boxing will help you satisfy that passion. An action sports game published by Reliance Big Entertainment. Players are impersonated as professional boxers. Not a battle between normal people but… robots. It is also role-playing into the Robots, but this game is not like the previous game like Ultimate Robot Fighting. Real Steel World Robot Boxing inspired by boxing sports martial arts. Talk about intense, fiery fights between two boxers on the ring. Competition rules are applied in the game in accordance with international standards.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod – Immerse yourself in Boxing Robots

Real Steel World Robot Boxing chooses a separate development direction unlike previous games. It is this risky difference that has brought the name of the game to a new level. Attracted millions of downloads, as well as thousands of positive reviews. The players themselves are involved with great challenges, intense matches. Become a real boxer, participate in online competitions with all players in the world.

Is an action role-playing game that needs the rhythmic coordination from moving, punching, kicking, … Play well, not with familiar hands. All skills must be practiced daily, played through many matches to get. The belts, trophies filled with the pride of the winners are waiting for you. Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod and choose a character you love to join right now.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

Attractive gameplay

Although it requires many combinations of movements, the gameplay of Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod requires you to work hard. Play it a couple of times to make sure you master it. You just need to press the screen to move and attack the opponent. In every match, victory or defeat is in skill. Therefore, what is needed is skill, you need to maximize your skills. Definitive attack, tight defense is the slogan you should remember when participating in combat. Don’t worry too much, during the battle the system will suggest you what to do next to win. This gameplay is quite similar to Lien Quan Mobile because one important thing is skill.

Tải Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD

Exciting game mode

There are many different modes and levels in Real Steel World Robot Boxing for you to choose from. When you first enter the game, you can only participate in 2 modes: normal battle and boss fight. Gradually, higher levels and modes will be unlocked. Typically Rank and PvP modes. In these 2 modes, players are competing against highly skilled boxers. The matches will become much more dramatic and fierce. There is a special thing that you can challenge the opponent you want. It’s called challenge mode, as long as the opponent agrees, the match will be played. The winner is the one who defeats the opponent and brings home the prize money.

Game Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

Super diverse robot system

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod includes nearly 70 robots up to 9 feet tall and sometimes weighing up to 2000 Pounds. The variety of robots promises to bring you interesting and engaging experiences. From familiar warriors like Zeus, Noisy boy, etc. To new class robots like Blockbuster, HollowJack, etc. Each character will have their own colors and characteristics. Each time you participate in combat, you need to know the unique fighting style of each character. In addition, you can color and improve your robot to look cooler and more powerful by going to the paint shop.

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Graphics, sound in Real Steel World Robot Boxing Mod

With super sharp 3D graphic design. Background inspired by professional boxing arenas. Carefully polished, creating a very real feeling for gamers. Especially when fighting, players can see the meticulousness in shaping the characters. From shapes, colors to gestures of robots. Each action of the robot is very flexible and rhythmic. Along with very impressive skill effects, when the character uses the ultimate move, he will switch to the ultimate combo phase. Combined with lively sound quality, expressed through cheers in the stands. Or when attacking the opponent, the sound created is very vivid, making you unforgettable.

No more worrying because there is no money to upgrade or buy characters. With the version of Real Steel World Robot Boxing, players can experience the exciting unlimited money mode. You can unlock all your favorite warriors and characters without hesitation. Along with that, you can upgrade the maximum strength for the warrior. Help you get the highest score in the game. You will have moments of comfortable relaxation. Let’s download Real Steel World Robot Boxing to experience those great things

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