FRAG Pro Shooter MOD 3.20.1 (Menu, Unlock all characters, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Anti ban, Free shopping, God mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/04/2024
FRAG Pro Shooter MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlock all characters, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Anti ban, Free shopping, God mode)
Name FRAG Pro Shooter
Version v3.20.1
Size 116MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlock all characters, Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, Anti ban, Free shopping, God mode
Support Android 5.0+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Oh BiBi


Are you feeling that this life is too boring? Let’s make it more exciting with FRAG Pro Shooter – an action-packed shooting game. If you already know the widely developed legendary game PUBG Mobile, then try this game because its coverage is also extremely large. Developed on your phone and you can download it completely free on the Google Play app store. It can be confidently affirmed that this game is no worse than any other shooting game in real time.

Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod – Role-play with your team in combat

FRAG Pro Shooter is a team game played with many people. Each level consists of 10 people, with each team having an equal number of teammates. Divided equally between 2 teams, each side will have 5 members, you will control your character to participate in matches. Dramatic direct combat and solo battles between two teams. In every match, you should always keep yourself calm and skillful to handle situations. Unite and stand side by side with teammates. Bring glorious victories to your team.

The time for a match is not too much. Therefore, the rhythm of the match takes place faster than other games. You need to be flexible and control your time in the most perfect way. Don’t just focus on things that aren’t necessary. Remember that our ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy and win. Have a clear strategy and goal for the whole team. Although it is a relatively difficult game because of the gameplay as well as the game’s features. But you don’t need to worry too much about that, because after experiencing one or two games, you can master it.

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Diversity of characters

There’s no need to worry that the game will quickly get boring because there are only a few characters. In the game FRAG Pro Shooter there are more than 70 characters. Along with the development of the game, the system is still updating more numbers for you to choose from. Many characters but that doesn’t mean the characters have the same color. More than 70 characters with more than 70 different personality colors. Each warrior will have their own special abilities that are not the same. The most recognizable difference between the characters is their appearance. There are also other features such as running speed, stamina or blood volume.

What you need to do is choose and build an appropriate squad for each battle. A squad capable of attacking when strong, defending when weak. A team fight with different characters. In addition to finding out the strengths and weaknesses of each character. You also need to pay attention to the strengths of each person in your squad. Choose characters who can compensate for each other’s shortcomings and fill each other’s weaknesses. Of course, when you first play, you don’t have all the characters. Characters will be unlocked one by one during the game. The characters in the game are trusted by many brothers to use in matches. It’s Dan, Jet, jay, simon, Big Paku.

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Clubs are developed

You can invite your close friends to download and join the game. Or if you don’t have friends who share your passion, join clubs. FRAG Pro Shooter shares clubs across your country and around the world. At clubs you can participate in chatting and playing games with many people from different places. You only need a small amount of gold to open your own club. To lead a club you need to prove your abilities to the members. By improving fighting ability, as well as leadership ability to receive everyone’s respect.

Graphics and sound

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod has graphics that will make even the most demanding people praise it. As the name suggests, everything in the game is truly “Pro”. Sophisticated 3D design, each character and effect is meticulously crafted. The control interface is sophisticated, making it easy to grasp and control. Besides, the game also has a great sound system. The sounds of shooting, the sounds of being destroyed or winning all create excitement for players. Everything from configuration to hiding places or places to hide obstacles. So try to remember to have the ability to read the map to win more easily.

Game FRAG Pro Shooter

Not only in everyday life, but in all types of games, money is also an extremely important thing. All transactions such as unlocking characters or creating clubs require something called money. To solve that problem, there is a Mod version of FRAG Pro Shooter. It will help you when playing games without having to worry about money anymore. With the Unlimited Money feature, you can reduce your burden. Get yourself the best characters or equipment, or buy yourself everything. At this point, you just need to focus on fighting with all your might, so you can win the matches.

MOD APK feature of FRAG Pro Shooter

  • MOD menu
  • Full Unlimited Money
  • Full Diamond, gems
  • Free shopping
  • Unlock full Characters
  • Always Immortal
  • OneHit kills
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