Temple Run 2 MOD 1.112.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Diamonds, Maps Unlocked, Characters, God mode)

By MinhDuc - New update 07/06/2024
Temple Run 2 MOD {{version}} (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Diamonds, Maps Unlocked, Characters, God mode)
Name Temple Run 2
Version v1.112.0
Size 126MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Diamonds, Maps Unlocked, Characters, God mode
Support Android 4.4 trở lên
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Imangi Studios


Temple Run 2 is the second version created by Imangi Studios team. Has been renovated a lot, ensuring players get the best experience. There are new challenges full of interesting things, attractive. Challenge the player’s ability to quickly dodge. It is a game that was once famous and received by many people. With the current number of downloads has surpassed five hundred million downloaders and continues to increase. With relatively easy gameplay, extremely entertaining. It’s a great choice in your spare time. With the task of controlling the character to constantly move, overcome countless dangerous obstacles. For the purpose of escaping the temple, and the character is chased by the monster behind.

Download Temple Run 2 Mod – Escape from the Mysterious Temple

Inspired by the success of the first version, Temple Run 2 was born. Still built on the story of two intrepid adventurers. They discovered a mysterious temple. Lie deep in the dense forest and discover an artifact that holds great power. But when he picked it up, the monster in the temple also woke up. Start chasing you to find that precious item again. And the player will have to control the character, helping to escape from the animal’s pursuit. With the speed will be increased continuously and the moving path always exists obstacles. Be quick to dodge all, continue the journey to escape from the temple. Just a moment of inattention, the player can face death. In addition to quickly dodging, on the way there are coins or some help items. Try to pick up all these gifts. It will help you overcome the difficult hurdles more easily.

Download Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Temple Run 2 Mod is designed to be as simple as possible. Make it easy for you to control and integrate into the game. Even beginners can immediately join the challenge. Run away from the monsters chasing behind. Just swiping up on the screen can make the character active. Want to move to any direction just swipe up that direction image. Jump up to avoid obstacles below. Sliding on the ground to overcome overhead obstacles is the same. The character’s actions will follow the direction that the player swipes up on the screen. Or double-tap the screen to use the skill to increase the running speed many times and not be hindered.

Tải Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Character System

A highlight even more than the first version. That is Temple Run 2 designed with a character system. To give players more choices. Let you freely choose an appropriate character to join the challenge. So there will be individual characters for both female and male. With each special event will be updated with new characters. With each person will bring a different style, as well as the attributes are based on each person. But to own the player needs to earn a lot of gold. Try in the challenge, just have to move to overcome the obstacles. Again, make sure to move properly to eat as many gold coins as possible.

Game Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Collectiveness Requirements

Temple Run 2 Mod is a game that runs continuously on zigzag roads. Full of obstacles and obstacles to prevent the character from escaping. And the speed will be continuously increased, the level of obstacle appearance also increases over time. So the game always requires players to always keep a high level of concentration. Be ready to react to unexpected situations where obstacles appear to avoid. Must observe carefully, look as far as possible to judge the next move in order to perform a smooth dodge. Stay focused on each challenge. Since the difficulty increases, it only takes a little sloppiness. As a player, it is completely possible to be captured by monsters or end your life. Try to continue the journey to score high score. As well as escaping from evil monsters.

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Temple Run 2 Mod is created with simple gameplay, just run run and run. Try to escape the pursuit of monsters. But the game also has things that need money to buy such as characters. You have to pay the price to get it to use it. Have yourself a full collection with all the characters that have been designed in the game. And to make money, the only way is to challenge with races. Try your best to earn as many gold coins. But it will be very hard and to satisfy, the mod is created with unlimited money feature. Feel free to use, go shopping for the right items, support for the challenge to be easily overcome.

HOT features of Temple Run 2

  • Unlimited racing gameplay, attractive and attractive
  • Possessing beautiful 3D visual graphics, realistic sound
  • Diverse system of items and equipment
  • Many characters can be selected by unlocking
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