Sonic Cat Mod APK 1.8.7 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 08/11/2023
Sonic Cat Mod APK 1.8.7 (Unlimited Money)
Name Sonic Cat
Version v1.8.7
Size 98MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Music
Price Free
Developers Badsnowball Limited


Sonic Cat Mod gameplay belongs to the best music and sound genre in 2022. The game has simple gameplay but has many interesting things that will appeal to you. Based on lively music style and eye-catching color effects. Just choose your favorite song and jump right into slashing notes. Use a magic sword or hammer to cut the square block when it hits the circle. It’s as easy as eating a cake. But the difficulty of the game will increase with each level. Faster music speed and more obstacles make you confused. In terms of music, the game has a great music store with the most popular songs today on many platforms, especially Tiktok. You will find catchy remix tunes as well as hundreds of unique lighting effects in the track. The game will take your musical soul to a new level.

Download Sonic Cat Mod – Make your own complete music

Game Sonic Cat is one of the famous music games with a large number of songs and simple gameplay. The game is suitable for all types of players, including children. Your mission is just touching the screen, but it has a strange allure. The track will automatically play according to the flow of the obstacle. Cut as many notes as possible. So that you can win many new records, and become the tycoon of songs. But remember, every mistake breaks the rhythm and you have to start all over again.

Sonic Cat Mod

Be careful with your fingers so as not to lose your turn. It requires a lot of practice as well as your ability to appreciate music. But if you are a new player, rest assured that there are many easy tracks to choose from. The player’s task is to control the cat to move left, right, or center. To cut musical note shapes. Each stage of cutting objects in Sonic Cat Mod will create its own musical melody. Try to make yourself a complete piece of music. This means that you will complete the quest and get the reward.

The music system is extremely diverse and diverse

Sonic Cat Mod has hundreds of different tutorials on many topics. Many popular songs are popular today. Just enter the correct song name or search in the Hot, Main category to see it right away. Select a favorite song and then click “Play” to start playing the song. In addition, the game also has many popular music genres such as pop, EDM, and rock, … Besides, there are some attractive playlists. Especially the feature of adding songs to the experience will help players have great moments.

Sonic Cat Mod game

For example, when looking for a track to play but the system doesn’t have your favorite track. This will make you very frustrated. So the publisher of the game Sonic Cat Mod has launched a great feature. That is you can upload new music from the outside and add it to the collection. From soft soothing music to vibrant music are included in this game. However, winning is not easy. It requires players to have extremely good reflexes. Along with the ability to quickly observe, and cut all the notes.

Weapon system and diverse characters

In Sonic Cat Mod when completing the mission you will receive a reward. The bonus amount will be calculated based on your score. The higher the score, the higher the reward. With this money, players can unlock many new weapons. Like hammers, axes, knives, swords, lollipops, and lightning swords… Each weapon used has different effects. In addition to unlocking weapons, you can also unlock more characters. Like a pirate cat, a samurai, a Christmas cat, a kung fu cat, or a hip hop cat… However, these cats just have different looks and costumes. In terms of ability in the game, nothing has changed.

Sonic Cat Mod

Graphics quality and features

What makes Sonic Cat Mod so successful is the 2D graphics. The publisher has designed the running tracks in the night sky scene. Impressive color effects, make you feel like you are playing with musical notes under the night sky. In addition, some songs contain the original music video. So you can play and watch the video at the same time. Especially the sound quality is very attractive and lively. Express through music created by yourself. When downloading the game Sonic Cat mod version, players will experience the unlimited money feature. With this money, you can buy and unlock all your favorite characters. Or buy all the weapons to equip your character.

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