Cyber Surfer MOD 5.4.8 (Menu, God mode, Unlimited Money, Full items, VIP, Unlocked all)

By MinhDuc - New update 19/05/2024
Cyber Surfer MOD {{version}} (Menu, God mode, Unlimited Money, Full items, VIP, Unlocked all)
Name Cyber Surfer: Beat & Skateboard
Version v5.4.8
Size 84MB
MOD Features Menu, God mode, Unlimited Money, Full items, VIP, Unlocked all
Support Android 5.0
Category Music
Price Free
Developers Badsnowball Limited


Listening to normal music alone can only make the mood more comfortable. But it is very difficult to make the atmosphere exciting and dramatic. Cyber ​​Surfer MOD APK with new gameplay. Created and developed by the Badsnowball Limited team. Promises to bring the most sublime moments for players. When transformed into a warrior. The goal for each match is the notes of many different famous songs. Surf on the board, ready for the challenge of slashing all the required blocks. Do not miss even one goal, and at the same time avoid other obstacles to get to the final point. Complete the song to the fullest, creating the perfect work. At the same time to score high scores, always surpass your own limits.

Download Cyber ​​Surfer Mod – Enjoy the Battle on Challenging Exciting Music

Have you ever seen the genre of action combined with music? Cyber Surfer: Beat & Skateboard is a game built with such style. When participating in the game, players not only enjoy many famous songs in the world. But also test your sensitivity with countless different matches. Built on the rhythm of the songs and the notes are targets that need to be slashed. At the beginning of the challenge, players will have their own character. With the control task, so slash and destroy all the light bars. There is a color similar to the smoke on the back of the board that the character is riding on. If the color is different, avoid avoiding losing points as well as the network. Here the track is designed in a circular shape. Should move to the right or left all revolve around a certain point, and so is the target.

Cyber Surfer Mod

Difficulty Variation

Usually, the game is designed with difficulty that will be gradually increased through each level. But when it comes to the rhythmic action genre in general and Cyber ​​Surfer Mod in particular, it’s completely different. Because every match is designed based on the rhythm of the music. So the difficulty is also changed accordingly, based on the tempo and tempo of each different song. There will be matches and goals that are designed to be very thick and appear consecutively. But there is also a very simple challenge, the character’s movement speed is slow, so it is easy to move and dodge. Beginner players can completely choose for themselves gentle exercises to get used to first. When you feel better, you can choose songs with a slightly more vibrant rhythm. Just keep calm, gradually you will get used to it, try to conquer every song.

Game Cyber Surfer Mod

Unique Weapons And Outfits

Weapons are always a great decision for a warrior. Even Cyber Surfer: Beat & Skateboard is no exception. However, for a genre like this, it doesn’t help much. But getting a new type would still be much better than the default version. The game designs a lot of weapons, the shape is extremely unique. Spoil players with the opportunity to own. The fish, the plastic chicken, or the pan, all can be unlocked with money. Skins, too, didn’t really help the outcome of the first game. But one thing is for sure, it can completely change the appearance of the character. Increase excitement and stand out when participating in combat challenges.

Download Cyber Surfer Mod

Huge Music Store

As a game of the rhythm action genre, the indispensable thing is the huge music store. Cyber ​​Surfer Mod is built with tons of songs of different genres. Performed by many famous groups and singers from all over the country. In addition to Europe, America and Asia have them. Typical among them must be mentioned are Justin Bieber, BLACKPINK, and Imagine Dragons, all of which are A-list stars. The style is also very diverse, according to the tastes of the players. Pop, Rap, HipHop, EDM, etc. each has a multitude of different songs. Not only that, the game is always updated with the latest songs to enrich the music store.

Tai Cyber Surfer Mod

GenZVNmod wants to give players the best experience. So we have shared Cyber Surfer Mod version with lots of advanced features. Increase the ability to win, and overcome challenges easily. Relieves the pressure placed on the player’s shoulders. With Mod VIP can fully enjoy the limits that the developer built. Like unlocking over 200 different songs or blocking ads. In order not to affect and disturb the game experience. The mod that immortalizes the character that the player owns will never die. Feel free to work hard to break all records.

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