Street Racing 3D MOD 7.4.5 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Unlocked Cars)

By MinhDuc - New update 06/03/2024
Street Racing 3D MOD 7.4.5 (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Unlocked Cars)
Name Street Racing 3D
Version v7.4.5
Size 80MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Unlocked Cars
Support Android 4.4+
Category Racing
Price Free
Developers Ivy


If you are a speed enthusiast. If you want to experience the feeling of excitement every time you drive your own car. Well, Street Racing 3D MOD APK is an extremely suitable game for you. A very popular game on mobile phones. Giving users a feeling of trust and extreme excitement when experiencing. Because of more than 100 million mobile downloads and thousands of positive comments about this game genre.

Unlike regular racing games. Street Racing 3D is a street racing game. Right on the road there were countless cars at that time. You and your car will have to compete with other opponents to win. Surely players are also familiar with professional racing tracks. But in this game, it will be street racing, which will be much more difficult.

Download Street Racing 3D Mod – High-speed 3D street racing game

Street Racing 3D is a game that not only shows speed. But it also shows passion for the players who experience it. You and your companion car will be transformed and exchange and learn. With famous racers on the world-class racing arena. Game modes are extremely rich and diverse. Bringing new and irresistible excitement to the experiencer.

Download Street Racing 3D MOD

When you start the game in “Street Racing 3D”, there will be many spectators standing around cheering for you. This is truly a great motivation that empowers you a lot. In the game there will be three equivalent prizes: First, Second, Third. Requires players to reach the finish line with a prize. If you go later, it means you will not pass the stage and have to go through that stage again. But when the player passes the stage. This means you will receive very valuable rewards waiting for you.

Racing modes in the game

Surely you are too familiar with old offline racing games, then this will be a very suitable choice. Street Racing 3D Mod includes two racing modes: online and offline. In these two modes, there are many more game modes. Each mode will make players attracted to it. With online mode, you can choose PvP mode to compete with players around the world. This mode allows players to compare skills with other players to win the top 1 position.

Tải Street Racing 3D MOD

Offline play mode in “Street Racing 3D” is just like a regular racing game. You will not be able to play against other players. But this mode brings convenience and flexibility. Users can play anywhere, anytime you want. No need for data network and can still play games normally. This is also how you can improve your skills. As well as better tactics to win more easily.

Many special car models

When it comes to car collection, even the most picky or fastidious person. I believe they will be shaken when they see the collection in the garage. The cars in Street Racing 3D are all the most modern cars in the world. Designed based on real cars to bring the most realistic experience to the experience.

Game Street Racing 3D MOD

You can hear the sound of the car’s engine making a soft sound. The sound of wheels rolling, the sound of a powerful engine…etc. All are displayed in the garage, you can see detailed information of each car. Includes price, four attributes, and model name. Most notably, “3D Street Racing” is designed with 3D graphics to help players have the most realistic experience possible. In addition, players can also upgrade their car to make it very powerful and aggressive. Design and make the car accelerate as fast as possible. Customize the vehicle’s color, structure, accessories, etc. as appropriate.

The biggest tournaments

In major match modes, the achievements that players achieve will be recorded and posted on the rankings. When you first enter Street Racing 3D Mod, you still cannot participate in big matches or ranked matches. So you need to practice and gain more experience. Get familiar with the interface and how to adjust the steering wheel. Position the accelerator and brake pedals to combine smoothly. Once you have stable skills, you can start progressing to gradually higher matches. In big matches with world-class opponents, there are many difficulties and hardships that people have to go through. After those matches, there are also many rewards waiting for players ahead.

Street Racing 3D MOD Vô hạn tiền

Street Racing 3D Mod is an extremely interesting game on mobile and it will be a pity if you don’t experience it. You will feel extremely excited and excited after stressful and tiring working hours. And what are you waiting for, join your friends and family on the winding routes. Or bloody and brutal clashes right away.

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