The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod 1.187 (God mode, Dumb enemy)

By MinhDuc - New update 23/03/2024
The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod {{version}} (God mode, Dumb enemy)
Name The Survival Hunter Games 2
Version v1.187
Size 133MB
MOD Features God mode, Dumb enemy
Support Android 8.0
Category Game
Price Free
Developers Aeria Canada


Fight in pixel graphics style in The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod game. This is an engaging action shooting game. Open the battle for survival in an open world. Revolving the quest against dangerous enemies. With different challenges divided into each level. Accordingly will give challenges to test your skills. In the war, what you will have to do to be able to survive? The choice to live or die is your decision? But to be able to survive the dangers will have to fight. Have the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. They are found on the battlefield during survival. Various attacks are possible, but be aware of limitations. At the same time, you must follow the rules when participating in the game.

Download The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod – Pixel World Survival Shooting Battle

The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod is the second part to follow the content from its predecessor. With a combination of many different factors to create attractive gameplay. From shooting action to strategy to pixel graphics. Everything will open up dramatic battles against dangerous enemies. Accordingly, role-playing as a gunman to fight in the first person. Perform different missions in the participating levels. Your ultimate aim is to win. To do that, you will first have to find a way to survive and face the enemies. You can then attack and wipe them out. From there, complete the challenge for a chance to receive a reward. It is possible to continue entering even more intense matches.Download The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod

Level-based quests, increasing challenge

Carry out the quest according to the content that takes place in The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod. Open each level of the game revolves around survival shooting. Each level offers different rules, which need to be followed. After completing the conditions in each mission. From there it is possible to pass a level of play to continue entering a new challenge. The difficulty of the game will increase with each step to the next level. With many changes to increase the difficulty. Making it difficult for you to do, as well as impossible to complete. For example, the number of enemies that need to be shot down at the new level will increase more than before. At the same time, the open environment is re-enacted in a different context. Especially the ability of the enemy will be greatly improved.Tai The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod

Gameplay and progression

In each level when participating in the game The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod. The mission takes place in real-time and gives the number of enemies to shoot down. On a large battlefield can move freely. Facing the onslaught of numerous enemies. They will rush to attack as soon as they detect your position. From there, you will have to constantly change your tactics to get better results. Succeed in survival against terrifying dangers. Accordingly, win by wiping out the enemy before time runs out. From there, you will complete the task to receive the reward. Achievements are expressed in points. Rely on shooting operations to destroy enemy forces on the battlefield. You will gain the corresponding score and prove yourself.Game The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod

Weapon system

Own a diverse collection of weapons in The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod. Can be collected on the battlefield to attack enemies. Includes machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, hot revolvers, bows, swords, and more. Accordingly, the weapon system is divided into two different types of attacks. Includes melee damage and attacks from a distance. Each form of combat will bring its own unique style. With advantages and limitations need to be noted.

Ownership rules

It should be noted about the weapon system of The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod. Collected weapons can only be used temporarily. To possess them permanently will have to complete the task of that match. On the contrary, if not fast enough and can not overcome the challenge. You can still come up with new wars. But must not possess previous weapons to attack.The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod

Lots of enemies to shoot down in The Survival Hunter Games 2 Mod. Those are gunmen armed with a variety of weapons. Or criminals using swords to attack. There was even the appearance of dangerous beasts. Each enemy will attack in a different style. Depends on the weapon used. For example, if an enemy is equipped with a gun, they fire bullets to attack from a distance. Accordingly, to win and survive against the enemy. Requires your shooting skills to be really accurate. At the same time, you must have the experience to dodge attacks from them.

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