1945 Air Force MOD 13.26 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Onehit, No skill CD)

By MinhDuc - New update 30/05/2024
1945 Air Force MOD {{version}} (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Onehit, No skill CD)
Name 1945 Air Force
Version v13.26
Size 141MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds, Gems, Onehit, No skill CD
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers 1SOFT


1945 Air Force MOD APK is a pretty good plane shooting game for mobile phones. With a top-down perspective, the gameplay is also quite simple. 1945 is a plane shooting game that is very easy for you to get used to and conquer the challenges. You will be transformed into a pilot, controlling fighter planes of the World War II period. Choose for yourself the plane you love the most. Sit in the cockpit and jump into fiery aerial battles. In each campaign of the air forces in 1945. You will be assigned the task of commanding the most elite flying squadron. Participate in life-or-death battles, deploying reasonable tactics with your teammates.

Download 1945 Air Force Mod – Air combat in World War II

Are you a fan of the game series of plane shooting and galaxy rescue games? 1945 Air Force is one of the most exciting options to experience. Because it is designed with simple, attractive gameplay and great graphics. Inspired by legendary games like Fly Shooter, Space Chicken Shooter, Game Ban May Bay – Fleet – Fighter. This unique game will bring you great emotions. Just like when you immerse yourself in classic airplane shooting games of the past. 1945 Air Force Mod is an airplane shooting game that supports players on all devices such as phones and tablets. What’s even better is that you can play the game even without an internet connection.

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Legendary battlefields and campaigns

According to the publisher, the battlefield system for us to fight in is quite diverse. With more than 30 battlefields where air battles occurred during World War II, you will experience almost everything that has gone into the history of World War II. Specifically, the battlefield at Pearl Harbor outside the Hawaiian Islands shocked the world. When the Japanese army suddenly bombed the US Navy’s Pacific fleet. Or the air strikes of the fascists and allies in the skies over Nazi Germany…

1945 Air Force Mod also has more than 500 campaigns to challenge players to explore. Each campaign is different in its mission and mission. Like secretly attacking an enemy base and throwing bombs to destroy ammunition depots. Attack the top enemy fighters when they go alone. Each campaign in the game is very interesting, and there will be many rewards for you when completed. You will be fascinated by this game right from the first fiery campaigns.

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In addition to the campaign mode, there are still many other modes to challenge your talent. Modes like Boss Fight, Attack, Stealth, Bombardment and more will make you strain your brain. Daily missions are always waiting for you when you’re online. Complete each mission to receive rewards and items to upgrade your plane. Or PvP mode to play games with friends and fight together. And Clan mode, allowing you to join a military alliance, fighting together against evil forces.

Combat Air Force system

The aircraft system in the game 1945 Air Force is also very diverse. With more than 60 types, it has entered the legend of the air forces of major countries. These are fighter planes and missile planes belonging to the air forces of the US, UK, Soviet Union, Germany, Japan… With many detailed customizations for you to upgrade. Or you can merge them to create your own super fighter. Complete missions to collect items, which are materials for you to build airplanes. Win the battles and bring home as much loot as possible. To create the most powerful aircraft prototypes branded with your name. There will be no limitations in manufacturing, feel free to design.

Game 1945 Air Force MOD APK

Collect items and upgrades

After each campaign you pass, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase. So upgrading your aircraft is very necessary. 1945 Air Force Mod offers the following two basic upgrades that you need to pay attention to. 1 is to upgrade while fighting enemy aircraft. By shooting them down, different items will randomly drop from the sky. Catching the items that are being dropped will randomly upgrade your ammo. From single barrel bullets to double barrel bullets, or 3 barrel bullets, or cluster bullets, deadly arrow bullets. Help increase your firepower to have more hope of defeating the final beam. 2 is upgrading outside of battle, i.e. in your arsenal. Use your bonuses to buy extra planes. They will fly next to you, providing fire support for you during campaigns.

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MOD features of 1945 Air Force

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money, gold, full diamonds, gems, ammunition.
  • Free shopping.
  • Onehit, immortal, unlocks the plane.
  • No skill CD.

Along with countless super gifts every day when entering the game. Or you can join the lucky spin to collect more items and ammunition. Those are interesting things that you should not miss in this plane shooting game. Or join in to assemble your own fighter plane. And own a collection of powerful fighters of your own. Download 1945 Air Force Mod and compete with more than 100 million other pilots worldwide. Invite your friends to play together to create a notorious flying squadron in the sky. Many campaigns in this classic plane shooting game are waiting for you to explore.

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