Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod 1.63.1 (Unlimited Hearts, Coins)

By MinhDuc - New update 26/05/2024
Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Hearts, Coins)
Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Version v1.63.1
Size 152MB
MOD Features Unlimited Hearts, Coins
Support Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Developers Rovio Entertainment Corporation


Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod is an extremely attractive entertainment game for you to experience. Surely everyone has heard of or participated in the legendary game Angry Birds. The angry bird has now been made in another extremely interesting version. No more bombarding structures to destroy green pigs. We will puzzle levels filled with colorful balls. Is a very easy game for you to get used to and experience. It will be a very useful stress reliever for you to use every day when stressed.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod – Angry Birds Return

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod is a game that takes the legendary image of angry birds. In this game, the functions of the birds will be used in a completely new way. The birds will create a big explosion, destroying a lot of the surrounding balls. The game will start with a frame filled with colorful balls. Your job will be to complete the assigned tasks by breaking them. Notice how balls of the same color are lined up next to each other in a line that is not interrupted by another color. The larger the number close together, the more angry birds will be created. But you will also need to pay attention to your turn, each level will only have a limited turn.

Game Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

Join the game

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod is a game released on both Android and iOS operating systems. You can get started completely for free, there is no cost to join. Coming to this fun game you will experience the feeling of being able to create huge explosions. Break a lot of bubbles in the frame. You will start the game with certain instructions created. It won’t be difficult for a beginner. Then the first levels will be brought to you. These levels will be quite easy for you to pass quickly. But a series of difficult challenges are still waiting for you ahead.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod


Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod has a lot of very effective support items for you to choose to use. First, we will have to mention the certain network play the game offers you. You will only have 5 lives to use continuously. Each time you fail to pass the challenge, you will lose 1 of your life. If you finish playing, you will need a certain amount of time to recover. Besides, while playing, if you encounter difficulties that you cannot handle. Use game currency to buy support tools. Each tool will have a different effect on the balls on the screen. Helps you complete the task in a much easier way.

Tai Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

Game Graphics

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod uses 2D graphics with very gentle and lovely animations. The scene in the game’s lobby is made very poetic with romantic details such as trees and the sun. The angry birds here are made to look like guides. Always appear every time any message appears. The birds are not angry at this time, they are more playful and lovely than ever. The balls in the game are made with many eye-catching colors. Along with that are different shapes carved hidden inside the ball. Gives you a much more relaxing and stress-relieving feeling when using it.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

You will get handy features when you join the Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod game. With special features that the regular versions do not have. You will play the game in a much easier way. With unlimited money and unlimited lives to play for you. You can play without having to pay attention or care how many lives you have left. Because the next screen will make you leave the unfinished task a lot. The unlimited money feature will also help you own the support tools much more comfortably. No longer have to hesitate when shopping because the amount of money is limited, with this feature you will be able to buy everything without having to worry.

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