Download Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 25/11/2023
Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Money)
Name Angry Birds Seasons
Version v6.6.2
Size 100MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Price Free
Developers Rovio Entertainment Corporation


Angry Birds Seasons Mod is a familiar series of slingshot games that are quite famous. So since its launch, it has received a lot of reception from users around the world. With a new version and many interesting seasonal changes. It offers hundreds of levels divided into themed chapters. Take players through the seasons from spring to summer, autumn to winter. At each station, there will be interesting quests exclusively for you to explore. And don’t miss the classic battles of the angry bird with the egg-stealing green pig. Need to shoot accurately to kill as many pigs as possible on each level. From there can get 3 stars on each level. You can earn points to compete with your friends on the online leaderboards. Many unique rewards that should not be missed are waiting for players to discover.

Download Angry Birds Seasons Mod – Seasonal Slingshot Gameplay

Nothing can describe the appeal of the Angry Birds series. And Angry Birds Seasons Mod is one of them. This game has attracted millions of players worldwide. Especially it’s free for everyone. Offers hundreds of levels where you will enjoy crazy and fun cockfights. All you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen. But how to hit the green pigs is something everyone is aiming for. You can unlock dozens of themed and seasonal maps. As well as participating in many unique events. Will not be alone, there are always friends to compete with. Explore chapters of the game’s story, from place to place solving a series of puzzles. This game is not only a set of levels but better than that.Game Angry Birds Seasons Mod

Enjoy the familiar and fun gameplay

In each chapter of Angry Birds Seasons Mod needs to overcome many challenges. In total, there are more than 925 levels with increasing difficulty. It will test how far your slingshot skills are. In the game, the player plays the role of the leader of a group of angry birds. The mission is to bombard the buildings, hiding places of the obnoxious green pig. Each level is an interesting puzzle and challenge. Enjoy aiming skills to kill the green pigs. The reward for each level reaching 3 stars is promotion points and gold coins. Players can also collect power-ups to use on difficult levels.Download Angry Birds Seasons Mod

You only need to use one finger to play Angry Birds Seasons Mod. Tap the slingshot and drag it back to generate energy. Move your finger to scroll through the photo and finally release to shoot. Perfect shots will help players destroy the green pig walls. Defeat them and collect loot. But if the shot misses, you can make another shot. As long as there is ammo, feel free to shoot until completely destroy the enemy and win. As for the type of ammo, there are a few different types. They are birds with extremely special abilities including yellow, red, green… Need to choose the right ammunition for each shot, which is also an important thing.

Unlock dozens of themed backgrounds

Up to now, Angry Birds Seasons Mod brings a lot of different types of maps. They are arranged in many novel contexts. Each map has its own setting and takes the player from place to place, from season to season. In spring can play card green forest with many bright colors the colors of trees and sky. In winter the game takes you to the snowy land. In addition, there are many maps designed according to unique time periods and civilizations. So players will feel like traveling around the world and traveling through the historical timeline. The context is flexibly changed in appropriate weather conditions. It’s great that this game offers a world with so many different wondersAngry Birds Seasons Mod

In short, Angry Birds Seasons Mod is quite an interesting game. Worth everyone to experience even just once. It may be your favorite game in the near future. Here players will travel through many wonderful countries and discover the characteristic slingshot game. Just swipe to play, so don’t worry about the approach. Beautiful scenes and funny characters will make players relax on happy days.

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