Download Armored Heroes Mod (Menu, Unlimited money/coins/gems, Free Purchase) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 04/02/2024
Armored Heroes Mod (Menu, Unlimited money/coins/gems, Free Purchase)
Name Armored Heroes
Version v1.5.35.06585
Size 83MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, coins, gems, Free Purchase
Support Android 6.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers 1DER Entertainment


Armored Heroes Mod is built with battle gameplay with tanks. Created and developed by the 1DER Entertainment team. Inspired by the armed conflicts of the second world war. To be more precise, the game is based on battles of armored troops with tanks as weapons. Paying tribute to those who died in that fierce battle. As well as want to show players the cruelty of war. Or for players to try the feeling of controlling a heavy weapon that can only be seen on television and radio. Participating in missions to destroy enemies are other tanks. With a long journey recreating the war between the armies against each other. With the aim of gaining victory, give a place to all the troops on your side

Download Armored Heroes Mod – Tank Control Always Moving Forward

Do not hesitate to download Armored Heroes Mod right away to experience it. Experience the feeling of being part of a brutal war in the second world war. When the player enters the game, there will be the opportunity to join the battle, becoming a tank driver. With many assigned tasks, attack the war zones with the goal of the entire enemy army. Do not miss any enemies. Show control to evade the attack and at the same time find the best opportunity to deal damage. And of course, the game is designed in 2D up to only one path. There will be no chance to retreat, there is only one way to always move forward. Up or down everything that stands in the way of the final destination specified. Complete the task in the fastest time.Tai Armored Heroes Mod

Find A Way To Kill The Enemy

Armored Heroes Mod’s gameplay is not simply about participating in combat. Just move forward, meet the enemy, and shoot. If you think so, you are completely wrong. The game is not so easy to win. Players need to learn how to move while observing the enemy. When the enemy attacks, you have to come up with a plan to avoid bullets from tanks. Or see where is the opportunity to be able to aim and shoot down the enemy so as not to counterattack. Also, players need to know that the game has up to three different types of ammo. There must be a consideration before attacking to see what is the right choice so that when used, it can deal a lot of damage to the enemy.Download Armored Heroes Mod

Hundreds of Campaigns To Try

Honestly, Armored Heroes Mod has more than 99 levels for players to try. And of course, will not stop at that level that will increase lead over time. Always update the latest things for the purpose of providing a great experience for everyone when participating in the game. Start from the first level, only when you pass can you expect to progress to the next level. In a row like this, it will only be possible to participate in the battle at the rear after completing the challenge in the front. Another thing is that the difficulty will continuously increase through each battle. Put pressure on players to always improve themselves if they want to win. Get to the end of the game’s feature discovery journey.Armored Heroes Mod

Battle Tank

There is no doubt that the tank is an indispensable weapon for the Armored Heroes Mod game. Because wanting to participate in matches is a must, it is something attached to the player when experiencing the game. Should be designed with 8 types of different designs, are the tanks that were actually used in the second world war. There is also an upgrade feature. Help the tank become stronger when the durability is increased, the ability to withstand the attack of the enemy. At the same time, the damage caused by each shot is also more powerful. Create conditions to be ready to fight with all enemy troops, which will bring a glorious victory.Game Armored Heroes Mod

Usually, every game is designed with gifts that can be obtained when performing tasks. Or when the events of the game take place. Armored Heroes Mod is the same, allowing players to gain many good items to serve development. Are items or money used to unlock, or upgrade the power to easily achieve victory? But it will be really hard and time-consuming. So the mod was created to make it easier. When participating players can get free rewards.

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