Army Commander Mod 3.4.0 (Menu, Unlimited Tags)

By MinhDuc - New update 01/03/2024
Army Commander Mod 3.4.0 (Menu, Unlimited Tags)
Name Army Commander
Version v3.4.0
Size 77MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Tags
Support Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Army Commander Mod is a military-style strategy game. Created by the Lion Studios team. The publisher with a lot of famous games has countless downloads. The game is very suitable for those who love tactics and battle layouts. Joining players will be immersed in intense battles between two armies. Become the commander who devises ways to defeat your opponents, regaining territory from the enemy’s hands. Try the feeling of commanding troops, find the loopholes of concentration to attack. Know how to use the right time, and use weapons on the battlefield to change the situation. Creates effective attacks that deal damage to enemies. Always stay awake, must have a specific plan to determine the battle to avoid casualties. There is a chance to win, to score high achievements.

Download Army Commander Mod – Join the Burning Battlefield

Army Commander Mod is a great choice for players to see the ability to build their own tactics. Designed with countless battles, and different opponents to try. Join the flaming battlefields, smoke, and smoke with two armies fighting each other for every bit of territory. As two opposing factions, they are designed with different colored clothing and territories to distinguish between their own and their own. There will be no concessions in war, just a little bit of damage will have to pay the price. It is necessary to prepare carefully and analyze the correlation of forces to make a specific decision. Loot territories, and station troops in order to build up bases. There will be a wide variety of weapons to choose from to attack your army. Take advantage of the most suitable opportunity to inflict heavy losses on the enemy.Download Army Commander Mod

Army Upgrade

Like many other games, Army Commander Mod always increases the lock level through each battle. To avoid boring situations for players. So to ensure victory, it is imperative to have features to upgrade the army. The game is divided into two cases so that the army can be stronger. It is possible to increase the force many times by using cards. Or the second case is to increase the combat power of the whole army. From the ability to test room to the damage dealt with the target. Or the mobility when the player controls the troops. Just upgrade in both quantity and quality, and make sure that no military can stop your footsteps.Army Commander Mod

Main Weapon

Army Commander Mod was built by the designer with weapons used to equip soldiers. As a must-have for any army, there are also items with high damage. It can immediately cause heavy damage to the military, turning the situation around. It’s a bomb, with just one can wipe out all targets within the allowed radius. Or tanks, although expensive, when used, the army will gain a huge amount of strength. With just a few shots, it was possible to destroy a group of enemies, without having to worry about being attacked back. Aircraft to attack from above, easy to grasp the situation. Just knowing how to properly use these weapons will determine the entire battle. Winning or not depends on the player’s choice.Game Army Commander Mod

Graphics Effects, Sound

Although the gameplay of Army Commander Mod is quite simple, just swipe up on the screen to be able to perform the action. But it is certain that the experience will bring an interesting feeling that is hard to ignore. Especially in terms of graphics, although it is only built with different colors as the main theme. But it shows all the tension of the battles, the background of smoke and fire. Effects when bombs are dropped on the battlefield. Plus with realistic sound, making players feel the cruelty of war. Feel like you’re in the middle of a battlefield.Tai Army Commander Mod

The items, or weapons in the game Army Commander Mod to own also need to be purchased. But here it’s not gold or diamonds but tags. Will need to be picked up on the battlefield when killing enemy troops. But to ensure the exchange of troops, upgrade soldiers or buy weapons, takes a lot. There are many times when not being able to satisfy the best time to kill concentration and lead to defeat. To avoid that situation, an infinite tag mod was created. Helps a lot for players in battles when there is enough charge. Always keep your army in top condition.

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