Download Bacon May Die MOD APK 1.1.81 (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 17/12/2023
Bacon May Die MOD APK 1.1.81 (Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked)
Name Bacon May Die
Version v1.1.81
Size 15MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money, Unlocked
Support Android 4.4
Category Action
Price Free
Developers SnoutUp Games


Bacon May Die is a fun game world. Players will experience exciting battles. The game is a combination of action and shooting. The content revolves around the challenging journey of the pig. With the mission to fight against dangerous hostile forces. When participating in the game, you will accompany the pig to start the mission. Thanks to the diverse skin system, you can change your appearance more. At the same time, you have the opportunity to discover a variety of weapons. Along with many unique features added to this game by the publisher SnoutUp Games. The hidden control mechanism creates an interesting feeling when performing operations. Artfully designed 2D graphics provide beautiful viewing angles. It helps you enjoy battles in a new way.

Download Bacon May Die Mod – Journey to destroy the pig’s enemies

Based on the hidden navigation form of the Bacon May Die. There are no buttons displayed on the screen to use. Players can control the pig easily to perform combat actions. By touching a format designed by the system. Rotate around by tapping and swiping on the mobile screen. For example, tap the corner of the screen to use a melee weapon. Swipe up to jump, swipe down to scroll. If you want to slow down time and shoot weapons, just tap and hold. In general, the control system is arranged and designed reasonably. Easy to use to fight enemies. However, it takes some time to get used to. In addition to flexible use, you have to go through the process of practicing manipulation.

Bacon May Die Mod

Battle Journey

Join game Bacon May Die to start the pig’s battle journey. Use every weapon in your hand to attack the enemy. Enemies will appear in large numbers and rush to attack you. The player has no other choice. Only by destroying the enemy can you survive the levels to continue the journey. Defeat each enemy in turn to end the battle. You will meet another pig character. By being able to choose, and switch weapons. At the same time, you will enter a new level to continue performing the task. Fight stronger enemies than before. Their number will increase making you more challenging. Because the difficulty will keep increasing every time you pass a level. So practice hard and strengthen the pig.

Ear Bacon May Die Mod

Weapon system

Bacon May Die Mod has a huge weapon system. With many different weapons for you to experience freely. They are divided into two categories including melee weapons and ranged weapons. As for melee weapons, there are different types such as sausages, wands, chainsaws, swords, baseball bats, and katana. Long-range weapons also include machine guns, pistols, and rocket launchers. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Rocket launchers can deal massive damage to enemies, causing them to lose their lives. However, you should learn the ability of each type. As well as deciding to use the right one in all situations. Because it is very likely that when you waste it, you will not have enough firepower to destroy the enemy anymore.

Game Bacon May Die Mod

Enemy system

In the battles of ver Bacon May Die, the pig has to face many different enemies alone. For example zombies, wild boars, angry rabbits, ninjas, and skeletons. There are many other enemies that appear every time you enter a new level. Each enemy has a unique strength and weakness. Your difference is shown in weapons and equipment. For example, some common enemies use axes, hammers, and batons for melee attacks. But there is one that can attack from a long distance. Move wisely to destroy them. Or react quickly, back to dodge. Limit blood loss to increase the survival rate. You can also take over enemy machines to control.

download Bacon May Die Mod

Graphics and sound system

The developer used 2D graphics to recreate a fun space from the action game Bacon May Die. Designed with cartoon images. The shape of the pig and the enemy has a cute appearance. Same funny expression. Although it is an action game, it also brings good laughs. Because of the humor in the process of fighting. For example, when attacking enemies with unique actions. Combined with an extremely attractive sound system. Create an action game that is both dramatic and fun.

Interesting things in Bacon May Die Mod

  • Hit and destroy enemy armies
  • Fencing and shooting
  • Agile ninja battle
  • Wide selection of melee weapons and guns
  • Many playful character costumes can be unlocked
  • Stealing the enemy’s car
  • Explode the enemy to pieces
  • Cute and violent 2D game art

A fun fighting and shooting game on mobile phones. Where the main character is a warrior pig. Can use ninja moves to dodge, defend. Or fight and kill various enemies like bacon-hungry zombies, angry rabbits, ninjas. Wild boars and skeletons throw bones or throw axes at you.

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