Download Blade & Soul Revolution Mod APK (Unlocked, Unlimited Money) Free

By MinhDuc - New update 08/11/2023
Blade & Soul Revolution Mod APK (Unlocked, Unlimited Money)
Name Blade & Soul Revolution
Version v3.00.024.3
Size 201MB
MOD Features Unlocked, Unlimited Money
Support Android 6.0
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Developers Netmarble


Blade & Soul Revolution Mod is the hottest action role-playing game in 2022. Due to the success of the PC version, the publisher has purchased the copyright and released this mobile version. When it was first released the game was considered the blockbuster game of 2022. This is a game developed in the form of an MMORPG. When entering the game you will be able to choose a character. Each character will have a unique function and clan. Once you’ve chosen your character, you can customize your character’s appearance and face. After creating your character, you will begin an exciting adventure. Go explore new lands with teammates.

Download Blade & Soul Revolution Mod – Adventure In Wonderland Legend

The plot of Blade & Soul Revolution Mod is built on a completely untrue story in history. During the story-making process, the publisher rejected many conflicting opinions. The game is designed with an open world, allowing players to freely explore. Explore the scene around every map in the game. A little secret for you guys is that every map in the game has a bug corner for you to explore.

Blade Soul Revolution Mod

In Blade & Soul Revolution Mod you can freely fight and use skills to attack in your style. Face fearsome and dangerous enemies. Only by fighting and defeating them can you advance. Beyond the desire to survive in a competitive world. There will be many different missions to do. You will have to do a lot of tasks, and go to a lot of team copies to get materials to upgrade weapons. In addition, you can find materials to sell on the market.

Story-based quest system

Blade & Soul Revolution Mod‘s missions are designed closely together through the plot system. By meeting NPC characters in the game. NPCs will appear in different places on the map. You have to go to the NPC location on the map to meet and chat. Get recruiting main quests or side quests. The main quest will be closest to the plot content. There are side quests related to basic instructions when playing the game.

Blade Soul Revolution Mod

For example, fight with straw people so you know how to use character skills. Or the main task of Blade & Soul Revolution Mod will be to rescue the villagers, and find out why the villagers are being attacked,… Also after completing each quest as required by the NPC. You will receive experience points and necessary items to use for the following missions. When you accumulate enough experience, you will rise to a new level. The higher the level, the stronger you will be and unlock more functions.

Character system

The character system in Blade & Soul Revolution Mod is extremely diverse. Let you freely choose the clans and sects according to your preferences. Blade & Soul Revolution Mod includes 4 clans and 4 right systems. The four sects are respectively: Sword Master, Mage, Martial Artist, and Mad Dragon. The other four clans are Jin, Yun, Lyn, and Gon.

Blade Soul Revolution Mod

  • The Human Race (Jin Tribe) is the heirs of the Black Turtle race. Although they are shorter than dragons, they are very flexible in battle. Their flexibility and steadfast attitude make the Human Race extremely intimidating on the battlefield. The human race is quite friendly and straightforward, they often travel across continents and help poor fates.
  • The Dragon Clan (Gon Tribe) think that their ancestors came from dragons. Therefore, the Dragon clan is always proud of its origin. Physical strength and combat skills have always been the top priority of the Dragon Clan. They are always looking for ways to become stronger, overcome all challenges, and use their power to help humanity.
  • Thien (Yun tribe) is a race with only women but no men. Thanks to their innate talent, the Celestial Clan are considered the best craftsmen. Other races have always admired the ingenuity and creativity of the Celestial Man and the way they bring beauty to the whole world. They have great dignity and self-respect, but they are not inferior to other races in combat skills.
  • Linh (Lyn tribe) is the only descendant of the legendary beast Unicorn. They have long ears and tails like foxes. Thanks to their keen senses, the spirit race easily avoids danger. Famous for his unpredictable nature, in just one conversation, a Spirit can express many shades of emotions, from anger, fear, jealousy, and love to admiration.

Features in the game

Blade & Soul Revolution Mod will guide you through beginner quests. Then the following tasks you will have to follow the instructions yourself. The higher you level up, the more new features you will unlock in the game. For example, the PvP feature where you can compete and show off your skills with other players. Or the team’s sub-version, individual sub-version, etc. On the crime-spawn side, you can earn the necessary materials to raise weapons. Or get exclusive skins in that spin-off. In the personal version, most of this supplement is for you to complete the main quests.

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