Cartoon Crush Mod APK 816 (Unlimited Gold)

By MinhDuc - New update 04/01/2024
Cartoon Crush Mod APK 816 (Unlimited Gold)
Name Cartoon Crush Toon Blast Match
Version v816
Size 78MB
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Support Android 5.0
Category Casual
Price Free
Developers Zenith Games


Explore exciting puzzles in Cartoon Crush Mod. Published by Zenith Games. So right from its launch, it has received a lot of reception. Through that, get ideas to play puzzle-style levels. The game has a similar structure to a regular puzzle game. With a diverse mission system taking place at each level. In addition, many unique features are waiting for players to discover. Earn great rewards by achieving excellent results. It can be played in offline and online modes. Use multiple boosters to great effect. Players can use the wheel of fortune to get good results. There is a chance to receive many valuable gifts. The system also allows players to connect with friends on social networks. Participate in daily contests to determine winners.

Download Cartoon Crush Mod – Make Links To Collect Cubes

The gameplay of Cartoon Crush Mod is not difficult at all. Similar to other puzzle games. It takes place in a jigsaw puzzle style and takes the form of a chessboard divided into many small squares. Blocks of different colors appear with their own unique symbols. Your task is to click to create the minimum association of 3 or more identical cubes. You can also create combinations by combining a large number of dice in a single round. With intuitively designed controls. Puzzle activities can be done easily. Most importantly, players can experience it for free. However, to conquer the levels of the game. Complete the mission with the best achievement. It will take a long time as the difficulty increases.Cartoon Crush Mod

Multiple levels with the same achievements

Currently, Cartoon Crush Mod has more than 600 levels. Each level unlocks a matching puzzle game. The gameplay is the same as most other puzzle games. On each level the number of puzzles is limited. Solve each puzzle in turn to make connections. The required conditions at the participation level have been met. From there, the task will be completed. Achievements are shown by the number of gold stars, up to a maximum of 3 stars. Pass through turn-by-turn puzzle rounds. Based on the number of points earned after each puzzle will continue to increase. After the puzzle round is over. The number of points earned is equal to the number of stars at that level. Each game level increases during the day. The difficulty level changes every time you move to the next level.Cartoon Crush Mod

Many challenges, increasing difficulty

The mission system in each level in Cartoon Crush Mod is extremely interesting. Many activities like collecting a number of cubes. Rescue trapped creatures. Depending on the difficulty level, it will increase every time you start a quest on a new level. Don’t just collect one type of dice. You have to solve puzzles to manage a variety of blocks of different colors. For example, in a level, it is necessary to collect 5 red and 7 yellow blocks and save 6 birds. Get the best score to complete the mission entirely. Requires your puzzle skills to improve. Gain experience from previous levels. Look up at the board to see the shapes in the little squares. Try to create special combinations to win big scores.Cartoon Crush Mod

Like other puzzle titles on the market, it is played in levels other than offline mode. But Cartoon Crush Mod also supports online mode. With many new abilities to bring a great experience to players. You can invite them to join and compete together. Find the winner in the puzzle game. After many times winning friends or other players. Then it will be honored on the ranking that is known to all. With a series of achievements. In addition, there is the possibility of getting attractive bonuses. By completing level quests or getting rewards from daily spins.

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