Casting Away Mod APK 0.0.56 (Unlimited Runes, Resources, No Ads)

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Casting Away Mod APK 0.0.56 (Unlimited Runes, Resources, No Ads)
Name Casting Away
Version 0.0.56
MOD Features Unlimited Runes, Resources, No Ads
Size 92MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Nexelon inc.


Casting Away Mod will bring an extremely interesting experience to you. This place is both a fishing spot and a place to challenge your survival spirit. The game takes place on an unknown desert island. The question for you is: “How can you survive here?”. To answer this question you will begin an arduous survival journey. You can do whatever you want as long as you last as long as you can. But you must not only survive but also live well. You must eat with proper nutrition. Build a stable house on a deserted island. Do whatever it takes to make survival the most unforgettable experience of your life.

Download Casting Away Mod – Survival journey on a deserted island

When entering Casting Away Mod you will begin the survival journey of the first part of the story. You are a famous movie actor who is planning a long vacation. There was an incident, on the way to the resort. Your private plane is struck by lightning and plunges into the sea. You are lucky to survive and get lost on a deserted island, not on the map. Around you are a strange altar and a pile of dried fish carcasses. There’s something unusual about this island, isn’t it? It is this curiosity that makes you want to wander the island. And you quickly realize that you are the only survivor at the moment. It’s time to start your survival adventure.

Casting Away Mod

Fishing for survival

Your island is isolated from the outside world and surrounded by mysterious seas. Therefore, there is only one way to survive, and that is to learn how to fish. The sea in Casting Away Mod is an abundant resource. You can find hundreds of different species of fish, from small fish to giant sharks. You can use debris from the plane and some pieces of wood picked up on the island to make fishing rods. Start your fishing trip. You have to fish to make dishes like grilled fish and satisfy your hunger. You’ll also need something to catch the rain to quench your thirst. Because you can’t drink seawater.

tai Casting Away Mod

Not only fish, but you can also find many animals drifting to your island from other places. It can be a lovely pet or chicken, pig, or cow,… You can set up a farm on the island to raise livestock and poultry from which there are more new food sources. Lovely dogs will become your companions. Your survival life looks a little better now, doesn’t it? You will witness the vivid change of heaven and earth, from morning to afternoon until dusk. You can feel time moving so slowly that you can think of dozens of things to do. Enough to eat to relieve hunger.

Build the island

Over time, you can build the island to your liking. Casting Away Mod has many things that you can use and all are available in the wild. You can harvest wood from trees on the island. Collect materials like logs, crates, and more by hunting. Then you can craft dozens of necessary tools and start building your own house. And you will have houses, and small huts to store the necessary food. Then there is a large area with solid and solid houses. Find ways to upgrade your shelter to protect you on stormy days. Or build stock. To prevent wild animals from attacking you while sleeping.

Game Casting Away Mod

Graphics system

The most popular part of Casting Away Mod is the graphical aspect. It simulates everything in a simple and subtle cartoon style. The background of the game is filled with gentle colors that create an indescribable sense of peace. The scenery also changes dynamically according to the day-night cycle, providing a real sense of immersion. In addition, the background music is always gentle and melodious. It will help you relax while listening to the waves crashing offshore.

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Casting Away Mod will make you satisfied with what it brings. This is an addictive, light, and relaxing amazing survival simulator game. You will not find this exciting feeling when playing other survival games. It is the smooth gameplay and poetic 2D design style that make the difference in this game. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your computer to experience the feeling of survival on a deserted island?

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