Castle Cats Mod 4.3.6 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 17/04/2024
Castle Cats Mod {{version}} (Unlimited Money)
Name Castle Cats - Idle Hero RPG
Version v4.3.6
Size 134MB
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.2
Category Strategy
Price Free
Developers PocApp Studios


Castle Cats Mod is an entertaining strategy game with a lovely set of images for you to experience. You will be lost in the world of these cute cats but with a warrior’s mind. Arrange and upgrade the squad every day to create a team with the most optimal strength. Monsters with great power are waiting for you at the front gates. Prepare carefully packed luggage and enough strength to be able to overcome all. A strategy game but uses images of lovely cats. It will bring you a very interesting and new experience during your leisure time.

Download Castle Cats Mod – Battle Of Adorable Cats

Castle Cats Mod is a game that you can join for free on both Android and IOS operating systems. The game is very easy for you to understand and get used to this gameplay. First, we will gather the strongest warriors we can for our team. The number of battle cats in the starting lineup will depend on the level you face. Arrange the formation in a way that you think is reasonable to attack and defend in a rhythmic manner. Along with many other interesting features are waiting for you to join and explore. You can only conquer the most difficult levels when you have enough strength from the whole team.

Download Castle Cats Mod

Join the game

When you first join Castle Cats Mod, you will receive certain instructions from the developer created. The gameplay is easy and with this help, you won’t have too much trouble getting started. The first cats will appear in your city, the simplest cats. There will not be many choices of costumes for your warriors. During the game, you will learn how to get the most brilliant costumes. The first battles will begin as soon as you get a tour. The early stages will be too easy to pass. The next time is the real challenge for you to be determined to conquer.

Tai Castle Cats Mod

Interesting Features

Castle Cats Mod has a lot of features for you to explore in this game. The most special here is probably the cats with countless different species in the world. They all appear in this game with extremely lovely shapes. You can also change colors, designs, equipment, etc. to make your pet more colorful. In addition, the equipment will also bring unique benefits to the warriors. The game screen system is also very rich and diverse, with endless challenges. You will not worry about interruption during the game experience.

Game Castle Cats Mod

Game Graphics

Castle Cats Mod uses 2D graphics with extremely eye-catching colors for you. The cats are created like a cartoon, with very cute lines. The color of each cat is done very carefully. Show the species that resembles real-life cats most clearly. Details in the game are made in a sufficient way, there will be very few aliasing during the experience. In the battles, the cats will also perform the moves in a very interesting way. Still showing ferocity when starting the wars. But still so gentle and lovely through each animation when fighting.

Castle Cats Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you join the Castle Cats Mod game version. With unlimited money, the feature will be a powerful tool to help you a lot in this journey. No more hard work to earn gold coins in the game. Accumulate them long enough to purchase a few items in this store. When you own this unlimited money feature, you will no longer have to worry and hesitate when shopping. Pick out all the things you want and buy them worry-free. You will play the game in a much lighter and easier way. A special feature that all other normal players will not have. You will not be able to miss all the special uses of this version of the game.

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