Cover Fire Mod 1.27.06 (Menu, Immortality, Money, VIP 5, One Hit, Open Key)

By MinhDuc - New update 22/05/2024
Cover Fire Mod {{version}} (Menu, Immortality, Money, VIP 5, One Hit, Open Key)
Name Cover Fire
Version v1.27.06
Size 346MB
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, Money, VIP 5, One Hit, Unlocked
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Viva Games Studios


You are looking for an online mobile shooter. Cover Fire Mod will be the best choice. The game allows you to play as warriors. Fight to defend your territory. Fight with your teammates against enemy attacks. This is the best online shooting game on the market. With many different game modes. You will be free to choose your favorite mode and participate in big and small gun battles around the world. Strength alone is not enough because the enemy’s force is much stronger than that. Practice your weapon skills every day. Being able to combine the gameplay with your friends is extremely convenient. To improve skills, more rhythmic tactics. Build a mighty fighting army. Smash the enemy’s lair.

Download Cover Fire Mod – Gunfight Against the Dark Forces

Join Cover Fire Mod to complete exciting story-driven quests. Experience different characters to complete the plot. For the big battles. You must use modern weapons to win. Here, there is a difference in gameplay compared to other shooting games. HD graphics give players a realistic experience. Much sharper than other graphics backgrounds. The image is not broken or blurred. There are different locations where players can join the battle. You will not be bored when playing with friends in one mode. It’s great to be able to explore so many different beautiful sights. It is also possible to participate in extremely interesting battles. Many mysteries await players ahead. Promises to bring players a great experience.Cover Fire Mod

Style play

The basic gameplay has not changed much compared to today’s popular shooters. Popular games often require high skills. Cover Fire Mod is similar. Every war that opens is a challenge that you must overcome. Control your character to move skillfully. Hide behind objects and fences. Wait for the opportunity when you see the enemy coming, and try to destroy them. Defeat the enemy and you will receive all the items and weapons he possesses. So try to destroy as many enemies as possible.Cover Fire Mod

Combat Weapons

New levels greatly increase the difficulty in Cover Fire Mod. For players to discover and experience new things. Reach the pinnacle of glory, breaking version limits. Combat weapons are essential items in any war. Equip your character with the most powerful weapons and items. It has great attack power, it is capable of destroying enemies in a flash. You cannot win in gunfights with only powerful weapons. To achieve theoretical victory, rely on the strength of your teammates as well. Players must be able to use weapons flexibly and skillfully coordinate with teammates. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. This will help maximize your strength.Download Cover Fire Mod

Graphic design

Not only in terms of gameplay, Cover Fire Mod has 3D graphics that are not inferior to games of the same genre. Provide players with more exciting, realistic, and engaging experiences. It is also the title of the FPS gameplay in the game. With high frame rate is shown clearly and extremely vividly. Your enemies are designed with vivid images, but also without losing their own scary nature. The moving image of each bullet fired is also extremely realistic. Create conditions for wars to break out. The movement of the character is flexible and realistic. Players do not feel lag when playing. The sound quality in the game is really excellent. When wearing headphones, you feel like you are transforming into a real game character.Cover Fire Mod

The heat of Cover Fire Mod is undeniable. It opens up dramatic and engaging gunfights. Control your character to fight flexibly. Hide behind walls to destroy enemies. Equip your character with the most powerful items, weapons, and armor. As you level up, you have to improve your warriors’ attack and defense skills. In adapting to the new environment, players need to slowly get used to it. You can’t just rush in, then you will be ambushed and attacked by the enemy. There are many interesting things waiting for players to join to discover.

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