Dead Effect 2 Mod APK 220322.2470 (Unlimited Ammo)

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Dead Effect 2 Mod APK 220322.2470 (Unlimited Ammo)
Name Dead Effect 2
Version 220322.2470
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
Size 1.4GB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher App Holdings


The normal shooting genre is too familiar. Dead Effect 2 Mod created and developed by the App Holdings team will bring a new breeze. Still, a game built in the shooting genre, but it will no longer be a human-to-human battle. Or people with zombies, locations are places on the ground. The game will bring about war in space, on a ship to be exact. But something went wrong, causing it to spiral out of control. Darkness and death are covered with terrifying alien monsters. They are hunting, looking to kill the crew. And the only way is to fight if you want to survive. The player is the hope placed. Join the game to become a fighting warrior to find a way to survive.

Download Dead Effect 2 Mod – Fight for Life in Space with Alien Monsters

Dead Effect 2 Mod is already the second version in the genre of sci-fi gunfight. But not so that it lost its good part, even improved a lot. Add new episodes and challenges to give players the best experience. Still will play the role of a warrior, equipped with weapons as well as protective gear to be ready to fight. With guns in hand, go in search of hidden monsters. Scary bloodthirsty creatures are hiding everywhere. They move in the dark, hunting and killing each one by surprise. Yes, it will be difficult, but there will be no other chance but to fight. There will always be a way for them to appear, but it is important that the player controls whether to shoot them or not, Must simultaneously dodge and attack, especially requiring a quick reaction.Tai Dead Effect 2 Mod

Modern equipment

Equipment in the game Dead Effect 2 Mod is divided into two parts. One is the terrible weapons used for attack. The most common in the game is the guns. With all kinds of different types and designs. Its damage is extremely large, especially knowing how to use it in the right cases. Its effectiveness cannot be underestimated, it can easily destroy all targets, whether far or near. There are also some types used for close combat such as axes, knives, or sickles. Strength is also ready to guarantee the defeat of monsters. The second is the armor, designed with an all-encompassing shape specifically for space use. Increases defense, if you have a good set you can completely withstand a few hits from a direct attack without losing a life.Dead Effect 2 Mod

Character System

Talking about characters in Dead Effect 2 Mod is not as diverse as some other shooting games. The game is designed with only four characters, two men and two women. Of course, players will have the ability to own all of them but will need to qualify. Initially, only one character can be used. But the special feature is that you can choose anyone right from the moment you join. But don’t be too critical, they all have the same special powers. The only difference is that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. And it is completely possible to improve when using the upgrade feature. Stats will be increased based on the level achieved.Download Dead Effect 2 Mod

Custom Controller

Nowadays a lot of games are made with fewer and fewer control systems. So that players can easily grasp and control well even beginners. Dead Effect 2 Mod also wishes the same. But to ensure players get the best experience with many functions to perform. The game has not been too successful in gradually reducing the load on the controller. But the developer also knows how to create the most convenience. Completely players can go to the settings to adjust the buttons used to control to their liking. There will be no limits set or the optimal possible that you desire.Game Dead Effect 2 Mod

A shooting game has two extremely important things that are indispensable: the gun and the ammunition. Dead Effect 2 Mod is no exception. If you have a good weapon, surely killing the target will be much easier. But will also be limited, that is ammo. Definitely shooting for a while will have to stop to change ammo once or buy ammo. This time is almost extremely dangerous as well as losing the best opportunity to accumulate damage. To avoid that situation, this mod version has added an unlimited ammo feature. Free to shoot without any obstacles.

Download Dead Effect 2 MOD APK 220322.2470 (Unlimited Ammo) 2023

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