Dragon Hills Mod APK 1.4.9 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 16/11/2023
Dragon Hills Mod APK 1.4.9 (Unlimited Money)
Name Dragon Hills
Version v1.4.9
Size 83MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.1
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Rebel Twins


It’s not always the prince saving the princess, usually. But Dragon Hills Mod will bring a new perspective on this issue. When the game creates a very special journey. Here the princess will play an extremely strong person, having her own dragon. Do not stop chasing to take revenge on those who kidnapped you. The goal is to destroy all enemies, even if it means going to the ends of the earth. And players when participating in the game will play the role of support. Try your best to control the dragon so that you can avoid the obstacles on the way. By jumping so high or burrowing deep underground. Move at high speed to get closer to the bad guys trying to escape. Aim to cut and swallow all.

Download Dragon Hills Mod – Join the Journey of Revenge with the Princess and the Dragon

Usually, when we think of a princess, we usually think of a person who loves chili. But no, for Dragon Hills Mod it’s the exact opposite. Built with an angry personality, once someone angers, there will be a price to pay for the behavior done. Unfortunately, bandits kidnapped her and revenge begins here. Having a very powerful companion, the princess rode on the dragon and began her pursuit. And players participating in the game will be in the role of a controller. Finding a way to be able to move smoothly when on the road is not just a flat surface. Which will constantly appear as various dangerous obstacles and obstacles. If you don’t avoid it in time, it can cost you your life. Whereas there is only one way that the player can do it. That is getting into the ground, taking the momentum to jump up high.Dragon Hills Mod

Intuitive Controls

The control system in Dragon Hills Mod is not designed according to buttons. But everything is done by action. That is, the player wants to do what he wants, he just needs to act directly on the screen. With the game, holding will cause the dragon to plunge deep into the ground. And when released, it immediately crashes upwards, able to fly at a small distance. The height will determine by how long the player lets the birds dive. No need to move left or right, go fast or slow. All pre-installed, and incredibly intuitive. Very easy to grasp, even for a beginner. When there are only two actions, that is to constantly press and release to avoid obstacles.Download Dragon Hills Mod

Explore Many Lands

Dragon Hills Mod has a lot of challenges. They are designed to include many levels of play. Free for players to get acquainted, and try to improve their own strength. But the special point here is not about the difficulty. But with each game screen will bring a new land for players to experience. Including the Roman Empire with the deep green grasslands stretching. Or the cold land covered with ice and snow, with the houses on the ground all white. There are also places where the whole sky is red, giving a beautiful scene when the sunset approaches. But underground, it’s a challenge, when there are lava fissures. Touch them and you will be burned to the point of death.Tai Dragon Hills Mod

Dragon’s Appearance

Talking about the main character in the game Dragon Hills Mod, people often think of the princess. But the dragon is the real highlight. When will be something used to chase as well as an attack to destroy the enemy? So the game is also quite invested in this. Create a separate feature for players that can be used to change the appearance of the dragon. With the default color red, the body is divided into many segments with no outstanding features. But with designed skins that will change the player’s look. There are plenty to choose from. Typical among them can be mentioned sharp iron scales, equipment that looks extremely fierce. Not to mention there are armors that can increase the number of lives.Game Dragon Hills Mod

With Dragon Hills Mod being the new version, players will experience an extremely convenient feature. It’s a mod with unlimited money, which can be used for many things. When the number of accounts will be added to a certain limit, not to say the highest. Or use does not make it subject to movement. Including the purchase of equipment for the dragon as well as the skins. To be able to increase survivability when encountering high difficulty levels. It will really relieve a lot of pressure as well as difficulties.

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