Draw Duel Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money, Upgrades)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Draw Duel Mod APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money, Upgrades)
Name Draw Duel
Version v1.2.1
Size 55MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Upgrades
Support Android 5.0
Category Action
Price Free
Developers Lion Studios


Can you think of the case of using brushstrokes to fight? Draw Duel Mod is a game built with such gameplay. Although the gameplay is simple, it is extremely interesting because of the novelty that it brings. Please download and experience to know more. As the game builds up countless battles, players can completely participate to try. Meet many powerful opponents with different fighting styles. Using brushstrokes to fight seems like only in a dream. It’s now entirely possible with this game created and developed by the Lion Studios team. But to win is much more difficult. When both have the same amount of health. So whoever hits them more will be the winner. There needs to be a certain amount of thought in each battle.

Download Draw Duel Mod – Challenging Combat With New Gameplay Using Drawings To Attack

Action games now often use buttons to control the character to fight. Because of the mobility, it offers. But even so, many games are trying to develop in a new direction. Among them is the Draw Duel Mod, which uses strokes to create attacks. Not only that but moving or dodging also depends on how the game is played. Simple but gives her the same high combat effectiveness. The game is created with more than 100 levels for players to try. Of course, the difficulty will gradually increase through each level. When the opponent not only uses a sword to attack but can also use arrows or bullets. Deals damage from a distance while the player absolutely must hit close. It will definitely be difficult if you want to pass all the levels. But that is what deserves to be called a challenge, making players have to keep trying. If you want to destroy all enemies.Download Draw Duel Mod

Character Customization

The character that Draw Duel Mod creates is quite simple. Due to the purpose that the developer aims to reduce the capacity. To be compatible with all smartphones. When the shape is only designed in the form of a stickman. Looking at it, it just looks like a colored block with limbs and a body. As for the detail issue, there is almost no. In return for that, the game built the mechanism to be able to customize. Helps to add a unique part to the game as well as make an impression on those who come to experience it. With a wide variety of accessories. The hats are diverse in shape and color, and very funny. No one has come with beards. Although it does not affect the appearance too much, it is a bright spot for the entire character.Tai Draw Duel Mod

Unlock, Power Up

Unlocking in Draw Duel Mod means talking about weapons, which can be equipped for characters. There are many different types, not simply swords, axes, knives, and bows that can shoot long-range also exist. And even more diverse, spoiled for players to try. Not only can each player own, but the opponent is also fully equipped. This can be considered a direct factor that can determine victory if used properly. Because each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. And upgrading to the game will help the stats achieve a higher value. HP means the amount of health of the character. Bonuses are quite popular. And finally, the damage, if it is increased, it will be easier to kill the enemy. Even one hit can end a life.Draw Duel Mod

Graphics And Sound

Draw Duel Mod is designed to be quite simple, not only in terms of characters but in all aspects. From gameplay to the battlefield, it’s all based on the basics to build. Mostly of a certain color, there is very little to be shaped. Together, there are each weapon and some equipment for the character. Minimalist graphics aim to make the game size light. The same goes for sound. Not too much, but simply in single background music. Followed by some noises created to simulate the moments of combat more dramatic.Game Draw Duel Mod

Draw Duel Mod is a new version built with two more features. The first is unlimited money, which is used for the purchase of items. Expensive weapons are available in stores, intended for matches. The rest are some accessories to help customize the character. Secondly, with free upgrades, players will not need to spend any money on improving their performance. When they are always in a position of zero valuation. No matter how many times you press it, the power will increase and the amount will stay the same forever.

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