Dream Park Story Mod APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 18/11/2023
Dream Park Story Mod APK 1.3.6 (Unlimited Money)
Name Dream Park Story
Version v1.3.6
Size 65MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers Kairosoft


Dream Park Story Mod is created and developed by the Kairosoft team. With the promise of giving players the opportunity to create their own park as desired. A game where players will become managers in the true sense of the word. Has all authority over everything. For example, about the business method of attracting customers. Or build works according to standards. But important to do that completely depends on the player to think of a way. Based on the conditions the game has been built as a springboard to earning more capital. Because everything has a price to pay if you want to own it. Capture the requirements that customers want, so as to attract as many as possible. Because they are the only source of income and a direct condition for the park to operate.

Download Dream Park Story Mod – Create Your Own Park As You Want

The construction game genre is not too new when the market is now too diverse. But one thing is for sure, there is no game as special as Dream Park Story Mod. When designed as pixel graphics, it looks nostalgic. At the beginning of the game, the player will be assigned a small park. Almost everything is too old and there is very little furniture left. With the assigned task, develop this place gradually to become the biggest entertainment place. Of course, there will be no shortage of difficulties, but that is the challenge that the game poses. Players need to know how to manipulate the available things, with little capital to find ways to fix things. Let customers know to visit, maybe there won’t be too many. But gradually it will definitely get better. Once there is the capital, players can continue to build and expand. Do not hesitate to invest,Game Dream Park Story Mod

Many Constructions

Dream Park Story Mod is heavily invested by the developer. With countless different works created in many different genres. The first is the game section, with many famous adventure games. For example, a giant wheel or a roller coaster can be said to be the nation. When attracting the number of people to experience is extremely large. Due to the scary but extremely stimulating feeling it creates. Not only that, there are other games as well. The second will of course be services related to eating and selling goods. When the game corresponds to each type, there will be separate shops. Or the decoration also has its own part. Not just lampposts or roads, there are many other things spoiled for creative players.Dream Park Story Mod

Upgrade Features

The game is not only diverse in construction, creating conditions for players to be creative. But Dream Park Story Mod was also created with the upgrade feature. Normally, for construction, it is not possible for two similar buildings to coexist. This would be very wasteful and inefficient. It also requires a lot of space. So the developer went in a different direction. If you can’t increase quantity, increase quality. With the desire to ensure that the participants have the best experience. For example, for a bullet train, the initial speed will be very short, and the altitude is close to the ground. If you undergo an upgrade, you can create a more zigzag path, and a ramp appears. Stimulation will be increased, customers will surely be attracted. If all were to be upgraded, the results it would bring would be enormous.Download Dream Park Story Mod

Game online

Dream Park Story Mod has a very special feature. It is complete players can connect online. However, there will be additional costs or space constraints due to the need for a network. But in return, the interactivity of the game is increased. When between players, they can go to the opponent’s house to see the park they created. Although they cannot influence each other, they can learn from each other about management methods. Very helpful during development. You can even give each other small gifts. Or text to find more friends. Not only in the game, but if you agree, you can also create a beautiful friendship in real life.Tai Dream Park Story Mod

Dream Park Story Mod is created with the gameplay of building and developing, so it will cost a lot of money. For the renovation work, constantly expanding the scale and purchasing new projects. For the purpose of attracting as many customers to visit. But how can we meet the initial costs for rapid development? It takes step by step to go, so those who do not have the patience will feel very uncomfortable. Knowing that the version is designed to add unlimited money features. Free for players to spend when there is no limit.

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