Heroes Strike MOD APK 570 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Map, Unlock All Characters, Free Shopping, No Cooldown)

By MinhDuc - New update 27/12/2023
Heroes Strike MOD APK 570 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Map, Unlock All Characters, Free Shopping, No Cooldown)
Name Heroes Strike
Version v570
Size 150MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money, Full Gems, Map, Unlock All Characters, Free Shopping, No Cooldown
Support Android 4.1+
Category Action
Price Free
Developers WolfFun


Heroes Strike is a MOBA, fighting game combining attractive survival gameplay, released by the creator WolfFun. Typically 3v3 gameplay, you can join with 2 friends to destroy opponents. Currently, this game has two versions Online and Offline. Make it easy for players to experience even without an internet connection. The pace of the game is relatively fast. You only have 4 minutes to fight to destroy the enemy. Build your own strategy and defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.

Download Heroes Strike Mod – Shooting game on the battlefield MOBA

You must have played through MOBA games like Lien Quan Mobile for example. Or play through dramatic survival games. But have you ever tried to imagine a game with a combination of MOBA and survival? In the Heroes Strike will give you interesting experiences about that. Be careful because of its addiction. A gathering place of heroes from all over the world. Join the fierce battles and win to survive. Not only fighting alone, strong everyone wins, the game also promotes teamwork.

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Multiple modes to explore

According to official information from the publisher WolfFun. Game Heroes Strike MOBA currently has 4 game modes: MOBA 3v3, Survival, Win as king, lose as enemy and Destroy tower. First, let’s talk about the most popular mode of the game which is the 3v3 MOBA battlefield. A team of 3 is created consisting of you and 2 other members. 3 members combine together with reasonable tactics to win. Next is the survival mode. No longer a team of 3, but now you have to fight alone against the enemy. In addition, a completely new mode called “Win ​​to be king, lose to be enemy”. The game will continue to launch “Break the tower” mode in the near future.

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The ultimate goal of the Heroes Strike Mod is to destroy the enemy and win. Same goal with different modes. Every mode is full of drama and attractive. A very nice thing to improve the user experience is the match finding time. Instead of taking a whole minute like other games, now you only need 10 seconds to find your opponent and join the fight.

New character system

System of diverse superheroes, with different looks and skills. Before participating in a match, you will be given a character selection. Depending on your strategy, you can choose the right character and exploit them. There are characters who are capable of short-range shooting, sword fighting or even bows. Or there are character lines that do not have the strength to attack. Meanwhile, possessing moves to reduce strength, running speed or restrain the enemy who intends to let his teammates destroy.

Game Heroes Strike MOD

In addition to the inherent strength of each character in Heroes Strike MOBA. You can upgrade the characters according to different levels. It can be said that the leveling feature is one of the core points of MOBA games. At that time, the basic skill stats will be improved, and it will allow you to learn new skills. There are four basic skills, including attack, defense, stun and support. The higher the level, the stronger the character will become and the more dominant in battle. Combine power with attached equipment. We can heal, speed up and much more. Those items can help you a lot in critical situations.

Control system

An extremely impressive point in the game Heroes Strike is the meticulously designed and detailed map. The positions are clearly depicted. You can hide and fight enemy guerrillas. The roadside bushes will be a very good shield to help you do that. The control mechanism is designed to be flexible with the characteristics of a modern MOBA game. The game also supports many different control mechanisms. Perform special skills, communicate and exchange with the team, all displayed on the screen

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Friendly cartoon graphic style

Although it is a thrilling fighting game, Heroes Strike Mod  still brings a lovely friendly feeling to the player. 3D graphic design with cartoon style. Heroes are created with cool looks but extremely funny. Design a diverse battlefield scene, with a 3rd person perspective to help players have a broader view of the match. From there, players will come up with suitable strategies.

MOD Download Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike MOBA game will keep you excited to play for hours on your phone. Download it now to your phone and enjoy the ultimate survival shooting battles. Choose your character, equipment, skills and get ready for any battle on the big arenas. You can face real players, conquer them and gain points for promotion.

The interesting things of Heroes Strike

  • 4 attractive game modes: 4v4 Moba, Survival, Win as king, lose as enemy (new), Destroy tower (coming soon).
  • 4v4 online game only needs 10 seconds to start the match, 4 minutes to end the match.
  • Can customize 2/3 of the champion’s skills.
  • The game is less than 100Mb light but the 3D graphics are super cool, automatically adjusted according to the machine configuration.
  • 9 arenas corresponding to 9 ranks from practice to challenge.
  • Each arena is a brand new map.
  • Play server with foreigners without fear of lag
  • Champions, events and e-sport tournaments updated monthly
  • Win or lose in skill. Easy to control with smart target selection mode.
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