Idle Mafia Boss Mod APK 1.30 (Unlimited Money)

By MinhDuc - New update 05/11/2023
Idle Mafia Boss Mod APK 1.30 (Unlimited Money)
Name Idle Mafia Boss: Cosa Nostra
Version v1.30
Size 322MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Support Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Price Free
Developers ALPHATIER Studios


You must have seen tycoons appear in American gangster movies. With power and status, and a huge amount of money they can do anything. Idle Mafia Boss Mod was created and developed by the ALPHAIER Studios team. Will bring a most honest view on this issue. When providing a development opportunity for players to try the feeling of becoming a mafia boss. Not just as simple as many other games of the same genre. The game here is built towards mainly the back side of society. Players participating in the game will have to come up with investment strategies. Know how to do business wisely in many areas. Constantly earn a lot of fortune, and prove your status. Build your own empire owned by yourself.

Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod – Think How To Make A Lot Of Money To Strengthen Your Position

In this Idle Mafia Boss Mod game or any other tycoon game power will be demonstrated by property. Therefore, participating players will have to think of ways to earn as much money as possible. The faster the speed, the better. By doing many things at the same time. Investment management in many different areas. Of course, it will be very difficult, but it is also a challenge to overcome that the game creates. With a small amount of money, open a moderate shop and gradually grow bigger when conditions permit. But it is important to find a clue to buy. But not, as usual, the game will lead players to illegal trading activities. Find ways to make the most of illegal cross-border transactions. Possibly misbehavior, but this is how the game plays. Designed to give a new feeling of being a mafia boss. Holding many juniors and great power.Tai Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Business expansion

The goal of Idle Mafia Boss Mod is to constantly develop so that players can become mafia bosses. Then expanding your business is extremely important, if not necessary. Players when they have obtained a certain status and have a certain amount of money for themselves. Then, except for alcohol, it is possible to open some new business services. The game is designed for many types, just need to choose to be able to start. For example, opening more bars, motels, leasing land, etc. To tell the truth, it will make a lot of money. Because the profits of those industries are very high, it is important to rely on the player’s strategy. If you are really good, you will surely earn an unexpected fortune in a while. Gradually creating an empire was obvious.Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Work Automation

Idle Mafia Boss Mod from the beginning will never stop, even when the player goes to sleep. Off game, do offline with other tasks. For example, go out or do something. Just need the player to know the operation method that the game has designed. Recruit more staff to serve. Arrange to be reasonable, the right person for the right job. The rest will be done automatically. Constantly creating more money from business, sales, and production of products. Of course, can improve, players have to invest a little more. Upgrading everything from sketchy to modern will produce unexpected results.Download Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Multiple Zone Control

By joining Idle Mafia Boss Mod, players always aim for the position of a mafia boss. Once the conditions are met, it will not stop growing. It is entirely possible to reach four major cities such as Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Hollywood. Manage a large area, all of the most luxurious cities of the United States. Extremely densely populated, development is very beneficial. Just think to come up with specific plans and strategies. Based on each location trade different types of services. It will bring a huge profit. Gradually expand to cover the entire area.Game Idle Mafia Boss Mod

Idle Mafia Boss Mod always needs a lot of money. There are so many things to buy, constantly growing and expanding the business will really consume a lot. From the location, the items were purchased and sold to the employees. Surely you will have to constantly invest to create a foothold, your own position. Especially at the beginning of the game, everything is too messy, disorderly, and large of capital. It will be really hard. So to make things easier, the mod has added unlimited money. For games will be very useful. When it comes to becoming a mafia boss, money is what determines power. If there is a large amount of money, the rest is simply finding a way to quickly build an empire.

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