Infinite Worlds Mod APK 1.0.15 (Immortal, High Damage)

By MinhDuc - Latest update: 08/11/2023
Infinite Worlds Mod APK 1.0.15 (Immortal, High Damage)
Name Infinite Worlds
Version 1.0.15
MOD Features Immortal, High Damage
Size 265MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Lemon Jam Studio


Infinite Worlds Mod will bring you into a new world where magic exists. Created and developed by the Lemon Jam Studio team. With the desire that players find an interesting feeling when experiencing. Get real entertainment in your free time. Join the game players will have the opportunity to become adventurers. At the call of Queen Efalia and the summons of the lords. Challenging and difficult journey. Going to destroy the evil forces, do not know from where appear to cause harm to the people. Is crashing the balance of the world. Bring the mission to make things return to the original order. When building an army of their own, teammates trust. Completely drive foreign enemies back to their homes.

Download Infinite Worlds Mod – Synthesize an Army Against Invasion From Outside

Life, everything is going normally in the central world. Suddenly the sky was torn to pieces, and many monsters from the outside entered. Having a direct effect on everyone, along with it is an imbalance. The Queen, the ruler of the entire land, made a call. All creatures, if found capable, can stand up. Fighting is the only option that can save the world from the apocalypse before the attack of the enemy. And players participating in Infinite Worlds Mod will play the role of adventurers. With the mission, join the journey to find the way to be able to save the world. Create a powerful battle squad, consisting of many different creatures. No management difficulty, in addition to computing power. To discover effective fighting methods. Find a way to destroy all evil forces. Is causing direct harm to all living things.Tai Infinite Worlds Mod

Team Building

By joining Infinite Worlds Mod, players will not fight alone. Like other games of the same genre. But here players will need to search and recruit more members. As other adventurers to form a team. So that there are all components, from attack, defense, and mage to the bloodbath. Each team member has their own abilities, specializing in a particular skill. So that when they go to war, they will be able to help each other. If you have a teammate, it is very important to coordinate with each other. When one person’s weakness becomes another’s an advantage. Compensating each other will create a strong squad. Do not have to lose when encountering any opponent. Not only can humans join the game, but other creatures like dragons or goblins can also join.Game Infinite Worlds Mod

Power Up Level Up

Infinite Worlds Mod is designed with a lot of matches in mind. And divided into many levels with increasing difficulty. When passing each gate, the next thing that the player has to face is a stronger opponent. At the same time, players will also receive rewards when completing tasks when destroying evil forces. It can be seen as a resource. Can be used for character leveling up to increase strength. With higher levels, the stats will also be increased accordingly. If you continue gradually, the character will reach a certain level of perfection. If you meet strong opponents, there is no need to be afraid. Ready to destroy all enemies.Infinite Worlds Mod

Character Equipment

Infinite Worlds Mod has a very good point, which stands out from other games of the same genre. It’s about equipment. The game can not only be fought to earn rewards containing resources. From there, there will also be a few items that can be worn on the character to increase strength. Entirely player can bring to the smithy. Let them go through the process of smelting, so they can level up. Then will gain a new certain strength value. If not, players can also create their own equipment. Bringing power from the moment you take it out of the smithy. Help the character become more transcendent when dressed as a human. Increasing the combat ability, the victory rate also increases accordingly.Download Infinite Worlds Mod

Infinite Worlds Mod is built with two more features. First of all, the possibility of immortality must be mentioned. Helping players to achieve a 100% win rate. When the character will not be able to lose blood no matter how much damage it takes. Even strong opponents need not worry. Next to mention is the high damage mod feature. Each attack can cause large damage to the opponent even for basic attacks. Making it impossible for everyone to win. When players use this mod version. Ensure that the outcome of the match is always directed towards the player.

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