League of Tanks Mod APK 2.7.1 (Unlocked)

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League of Tanks Mod APK 2.7.1 (Unlocked)
Name League of Tanks - Global War
Version 2.7.1
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 441MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Surgegame LLC


League of Tanks Mod opens the army war for those who love online games. The content revolves around the battle between tanks. The gameplay is in the style of fighting the factions against each other. When participating, you will be clashing with many people around the world. Brings an extremely fierce battle on the battlefield. You need to follow the rules and game rules given by the system right from the first level. At the same time, there are countless levels of play for users to explore. After each battle, players have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards. As an action game, it has been optimized and improved all the difficulties of the games of its kind. At the same time, there are many other interesting features waiting to be discovered.

Download League of Tanks Mod – Online Multiplayer Tank Battle

League of Tanks Mod recreates brutal battles. With each round is calculated by a certain time. Revolving around the war with many players around the world. From there, a battle between two 4vs4 teams was opened. The player’s task is to coordinate with teammates to destroy as many enemies as possible. The tanks will be extremely convenient combat vehicles. To attack the target and knock it down as many times as possible. Each fight is extended until the end of time. Then through the number of kills, the side with the most points wins. At the same time, you will receive many interesting gifts. Included as bonuses, experience increases the level of the tank. Over time, when gaining enough experience, it will increase to a new level.tai League of Tanks Mod

The process takes place, using the item

The process of participating in the battle to attack the enemy in League of Tanks Mod is very complicated. The mini-map is simulated in detail. Allows you to observe all the surroundings. The landscape is very impressive. Here players can freely explore and perform the actions they want. Controlling the tank to attack the enemy is the most essential thing.

Collaborate with teammates to increase your odds of winning in League of Tanks Mod. Support each other to be able to shoot down as many enemies as possible. You can also use support kits such as first aid boxes when losing blood, and use defensive shields to increase endurance against enemy sieges. Especially when it is absolutely necessary to handle dangerous situations. Use a retrofitted gun with a limited amount of ammo.League of Tanks Mod

Diverse game modes

League of Tanks Mod offers 3 main game modes such as team match mode, qualifying mode, and event mode. In each mode, there are battles according to their own gameplay, using different rules and requiring players to comply. In addition to the above match modes, players can also participate in online 4vs4 matches with their teammates. Along with qualifying mode to test your tank driving skills. The hill requires experience to be able to dodge the enemy’s rushing attacks. When you win, you can enter the next round. Otherwise, if you fail, the game will end. Finally, event mode with many gifts waiting for you to discover

System of tanks, weapons

League of Tanks Mod is equipped with an extremely diverse arsenal. Includes many different types and brings an extremely realistic experience to players. The realistic design brings its own charm. At the same time, it is also divided into many levels from T1 to T5. Typical like Barton, Dictator, Land King, Black Knight, Killer Bee, and many more. Along with a variety of unique tanks such as armored tanks, light tanks, and medium and heavy tanks. Their capabilities are shown through the parameters of the machine. Includes damage done each time you attack. Ability to defend against attacks from enemies. Range of fire on the battlefield and movement speed. You can even view more details in detail. Along with that, there are also many types of guns that can be retrofitted for players to increase their attack power.game League of Tanks Mod

League of Tanks Mod includes extremely rich battles. Bring moments of a wonderful experience. Is a game that includes a lot of quests for players to explore. After each mission, the player can also get some money to trade. There are many ways to earn more money. Join the lucky spin at random and can also get a large number of bonuses. From there, equip yourself with the most advanced weapons to increase your strength and win. Compete against other online players. Overtake them by controlling the tank to attack and become the champion.

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